Almighty Jay

[WATCH] Porn Star Accuses Rihanna and Travis Scott Of Spreading STDs

rihanna travis scott porn star

Porn star Harley Dean is spilling the alleged tea on Rihanna and Travis Scott. Visit for more information During a Twitch stream with rapper Almighty Jay, Dean accused the mega star, Rihanna of giving her boss chlamydia back in 2015 before then spreading it to Travis Scott. In the video posted on YouTube, Jay […]

Almighty Jay No Longer on the Atlantic Records Roster

ybn jay almighty

It’s never too late to change your stage name…well at least not in Mulatto’s rule book. Almighty Jay, formerly known as YBN Almighty Jay seems to follow Cordae in his footsteps of dropping the YBN acronym from his name after revealing to fans that he hasn’t been cool with YBN Nahmir for almost two years […]