[Watch] Kendrick Lamar and Rick Rubin Get Inspired and Talk Collaboration

kdot and rr

The legendary Rick Rubin is a cultural icon in Hip Hop, so when he sat down with Kendrick Lamar to interview him for GQ, the video was nothing short of epic. Visit for more information In the video, which took place at Shangri-La Studios, Rick Rubin and Kendrick discuss K. Dot’s creative process, writing process, […]

Kendrick Lamar Responds to Geraldo Rivera’s Criticism of His BET Awards Performance

kendrick bet Visit for more information Kendrick comes out of his shell to respond to Rivera’s comments Very rarely does Kendrick Lamar respond to what happens in popular media. He only recently began popping up on TMZ, he hardly tweets, his Instagram is a ghost town, and if you search blog sites, you’ll see his […]

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s New Video, “Alright”

kendrick alright

Visit for more information Perfect timing Kendrick Lamar opened up Sunday’s BET Awards with “Alright,” his Pharrell-produced summer banger, and today, footage of Geraldo Rivera on Fox News blaming the song for some of the issues facing African-Americans today surfaced. Advertisement Screw it. Here’s the music video for the stellar anthem.

Watch Fabolous’ “Awwright” Video

fabolous alright

Visit for more information Fabolous has been doing “Awwright” lately. Fresh off his Summer Jam domination, Loso follows up with an interpretation of Kendrick Lamar‘s To Pimp A Butterfly stand-out track, which was originally produced for Fab last year. In the video above, we finally have the full-length version of the Pharrell Williams and […]