Alton Sterling

On The Rise: Mac Irv Is On A Mission To Inspire


It’s not really much of a secret that the lines that once separated basketball from Hip-hop are proving to be more blurred as time goes on, and coming up in the musically drenched environment of Minneapolis, making a transition between the two was somewhat effortless for rising emcee Mac Irv. A lifelong basketball player, Mac Irv’s promising career included being a […]

#BlackLivesMatter: Get Lifted with “I Am King” by Ray Hodge

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Intense vocals, minimal production, and a powerful message all make up the recipe for “I Am King”, a commanding track cooked up by budding vocalist Ray Hodge. In light of recent events, the song sends a reassuring memorandum on the value of life itself. And while it is undoubtedly true that all lives matter, “I […]

Virginia Jury Convicts White Police Officer of Killing Unarmed Black Teen


Yesterday [Thursday, August 4] emotions were high and the atmosphere was tense as a jury convicted a former Virginia police officer of voluntary manslaughter following his fatal shooting of a young unarmed Black man accused of shoplifting. It was on the morning of April 22, 2015 that Stephen Rankin, a Portsmouth, VA police officer, responded […]

Fedral Judge Seals Autopsy Of Alton Sterling


A federal judge has made the decision to keep Alton Sterling‘s autopsy classified today [August 2, 2016] after it was completed yesterday in the East Baton Rouge Parish where Sterling was shot and killed after a brief encounter with police. The US Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Louisiana has issued a federal court […]

Around 70 Arrested in Minnesota Protesting Death of Philando Castile


Since July 7, protestors have camped outside of the Governor’s mansion in Minnesota following the shooting death of Black man Philando Castile at the hands of law enforcement, and today [Wednesday, July 27] police say dozens of them were arrested. Yesterday 46 people were officially arrested for public nuisance and unlawful assembly near the mansion on […]

Man Who Records Alton Sterling Death Fired From His Job

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The man who shot the video of Alton Sterling being shot to death by police has been fired from his job for posting the video on the internet. Christopher LeDay was fired the day after he was arrested at his job on charges of assault and battery at Dobbins Air Force Base for posting the […]

Owner Of Store Where Alton Sterling Was Killed Suing Baton Rouge Police


Abdullah Muflahi, owner of the Triple S Mart convenience store where Alton Sterling was shot and killed by police last week, is suing Baton Rouge police. In the suit, Muflahi claims that officers illegally took him into custody and confiscated his entire security system without a warrant. Joel Porter, Muflahi’s attorney, said his client told officers to leave his […]

Beyoncé Speaks Out On Officers Killed In Dallas Shooting

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Queen Bey has had a lot to say about getting in “formation” lately. She’s not only speaking out on the Black lives that matter, she’s also speaking out on the lives of the recently slain officers in Dallas also. Beyoncé has addressed the slaying of Black men in our community at the hands of police throughout the […]

[Watch] Second Video of Alton Sterling’s Death Surfaces


By now, most people know the name Alton Sterling. The Baton Rouge resident’s fatal encounter with Louisiana police have infuriated the nation and caused more civil unrest from city to city. A second video of Sterling’s death has recently surfaced, which shows the graphic events that occurred on Tuesday, July 5. The 35-second clip, taken by […]

#BlackLivesMatter Protest Held at Taste of Chicago Food Festival

Tensions continues to escalate in the U.S. since the police shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile last week, and the recent Dallas shooting, in which 11 police officers were shot, five fatally. Chicago is the latest city to make headlines after over 100 protesters infiltrated downtown Chicago for hours on Saturday, July 9. Beginning at […]

LeBron James Says He Shed “Multiple Tears” Over Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

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Of the four major North American sports leagues, the NBA might be the most liberal when it comes to allowing its players to make political or personal statements. While NFL players have complained about Commissioner Roger Goodell‘s lack of understanding when it comes to supporting things like Breast Cancer Awareness outside of the designated time […]

15 Tweets That Prove Why Twitter Might Offer The Best Insight On Race In America


The “Twittersphere” has long proven itself to be the ultimate melting pot of ideas. It has the power to leave us laughing, crying, enraged, inspired, and all too often, disappointed in the span of one five-minute scroll through our timelines. Within the stretch of the past three days, it has once more ignited the issues surrounding racial tension, police brutality and […]

Jay Z Speaks On Recent Police Shootings On New Track “Spiritual”

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In light of the recent police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, many people have been weighing in on social media, including several Hip Hop notables. Jay Z, who is not too active on his own social media page, chose to voice his opinion the only way he knows best, via song. With that […]