Alton Sterling

Minnesota Cop’s Fatal Shooting Of Black Man Broadcast On Facebook

Wednesday evening [July 6], nearly 48 hours after the shooting death of Alton Sterling, a traffic stop turned into a deadly encounter after a Falcon Heights, Minnesota police officer opened fire on an African-American motorist. According to the St. Anthony Police Department the victim, 32-year old Philando Castile, has been confirmed as deceased, with Castile’s […]

Kanye West & Drake React To Alton Sterling Shooting Via Social Media

The United States of America is feeling the effects of yet another police killing of an African American, this one caught on video as well. Upon the footage of Baton Rouge police officers shooting and killing Alton Sterling hit the web, it immediately struck a chord and garnered very strong reactions on social media. Many […]

Protests Ignited in Baton Rouge Following Shooting Death of Alton Sterling

Tuesday [July 5], following the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling at the hands of two Baton Rouge, Louisiana policemen, the city was flooded with protests peppered throughout its streets. People took to the streets after seeing video of the incident that took place early Tuesday morning that would leave Sterling, a 37-year old African-American husband and […]

Alton Sterling, 37, Killed By Baton Rouge Police For Selling CDs

Yet again, another Black man has been killed unjustly in Baton Rouge, Louisiana stirring major controversy among social media and across America. Justice is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary as, “The principle of moral rightness; decency” and “The attainment of what is just, especially that which is fair, moral, right, merited, or in accordance […]