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Kanye West Donates Over $100K to Chicago Mayoral Candidate

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Kanye West is “distancing” himself from politics, but maybe he means from speaking on them? Not too long ago Ye donated over $73,000 to pay a debt to the Illinois State Board of Elections on behalf of Chicago Mayoral Candidate Amara Enyia, now he has donated an additional $126,460. Visit for more information NBC […]

Kanye West Donates $73K to Amara Enyia’s Chicago Mayoral Campaign


Needless to say, Kanye West has been making tons of headlines lately, but you might not roll your eyes at this one. Visit for more information Ye donated $73,540 to Amara Enyia’s Chicago mayoral campaign. Enyia, who is also endorsed by Chance The Rapper never closed her campaign account following her withdrawal from the […]

Chance the Rapper Announces Endorsement of Amara Enyia for Chicago’s Mayor

Chance the Rapper Announces Endorsement of Amara Enyia for Chicago's Mayor

When Chance the Rapper revealed an event for a mayoral announcement in Chicago many immediately looked toward a declaration that he would run for mayor. Instead, Chance revealed that he is endorsing Amara Enyia. Visit for more information Enyia is the director of the Austin Chamber of Commerce and was on hand with Chance […]