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Newark Mayor Ras Baraka Released Spoken Word Piece That Lays Action Items

Ras Baraka

The Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Ras Baraka, has released a powerful spoken-word piece demanding social justice. The new video for “What We Want,” features the Mayor and a microphone. Dancers with face paint reminiscent of characters in the movie “Dead Presidents”, also express his words through dance. The song is the title track to […]

Agents of Change Lays Out How Young Black Students Fought to Free Minds


This week the documentary, Agents of Change, dropped for a limited time on PBS (2/20, 2/21, 2/24 & 2/25) and chronicles the events at San Francisco State in 1968 and at Cornell University in April, 1969, where Black students demanded that the administrations of these places of higher learning give them freedom to be Black Inteligencia […]