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Andre 3000 and Big Boi Share Family Recipes for Atlanta’s Meals on Wheels

Andre 3000 and Big Boi Share Family Recipes for Atlanta's Meals on Wheels

Andre 3000 is doing his part in spreading holiday cheer by sharing his family’s apple pie recipe for Atlanta’s meals on wheels. Visit for more information “The holidays are different this year because we can’t hang with our friends & families like we would normally,” 3 Stacks wrote on Instagram, alongside a picture of […]

Erykah Badu Describes Andre 3000 as ‘One of Her Best Friends on the Planet’

Erykah Badu Describes Andre 3000 as One of Her Best Friends on the Planet

Erykah Badu sat down with Summer Walker for Rolling Stones’ Musicians on Musicians segment, and she opened up more about her relationship with Andre 3000. Visit for more information She explained that they developed a friendship over the years as they co-parented, which they didn’t do when they got into a romantic relationship. “When […]

Andre 3000 Launches Shirts For Movement For Black Lives

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With all of the attention swirling around the Black Lives Matter Movement, ATL rap icon André 3000 has put up some limited edition shirts for sale on his website yesterday, with 100% of the proceeds from these shirts are going to Movement for Black Lives. Visit for more information The shirts are on sale for the next […]

Happy 45th Birthday to Andre 3000!

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Rapper/actor and member of the legendary Hip-Hop duo Outkast, Mr. Andre 3000 turns 45 today! Visit for more information Andre Benjamin is known for his eclectic style and flows, from his start with the Dungeon Family to his movie roles in films like Idlewild and Jimi: All Is by My Side. He has become a […]

Drake Drops His Top 5 DOA On Instagram, Includes Lil Wayne and Andre 3K

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A common question that is regularly asked during interviews with most rappers is “Who is your top five rappers dead or alive?” Drake took some critics by surprise after revealing his top 5 DOA, however, he made sure to include his mentor. Visit for more information In an IG comment, Drake let the world […]

Andre 3000 Admits he’s Not Motivated to Complete a ‘Serious’ Project


At the 1995 Source Awards, Andre 3000 said the South had something to say and they’ve been saying it ever since. Three Stacks alongside his better half, Big Boi, paved the way for the dominant Southern sound today. Visit for more information Outkast left us with a big discography after the release of the […]

Today in Hip Hop History: André 3000 Was Born 44 Years Ago


On this day in Hip Hop history, the more eccentric half of the prolific duo OutKast, André 3000, was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit for more information Since his debut, André 3K has been revolutionizing Hip Hop by pushing the boundaries of its culture and aesthetic. Alongside Big Boi, Organized Noize and the rest […]

10 Most Stylish Film Characters Played By Rappers

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We love seeing our favorite rappers take a turn to Hollywood. Visit for more information Giving MCs another notch on their belts to brag about on wax, acting can sometimes take a Hip-Hop star all the way to the Oscars — what’s good, Common! — or solidify a career that carries them years beyond […]

Andre 3000 to Star in Sci-Fi Film ‘High Life’

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Word online is you can randomly spot Andre 3000 around New York City but beyond that, you will be able to see him on the movie screen as he will be part of the cash for High Life. Visit for more information High Life is a sci-fi film that will place the Outkast emcee […]

OutKast Might Be A Wrap, But The Cadillacs They Love Are Still Going Strong

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Big Boi and André 3000 introduced many a folk to the joy of driving a Cadillac. Through two of their earliest albums, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik and ATLiens, this duo allowed ‘The Caddy’ to enter into their respective cypher as a sacred third member. Visit for more information And why not? Everyone knows that driving a Cadillac […]

Happy 43rd Birthday To Andre 3 Stacks!

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Rapper/actor and member of the legendary Hip Hop duo Outkast, Mr. Andre 3000, has a Birthday today! Visit for more information Andre Benjamin is known for his eclectic style and flow, from his start with the Dungeon Family to his movie roles in films like Idlewild and Jimi: All Is by My Side . He […]

Andre’ 3000 Drops Two Songs In Honor Of His Late Mother On Mother’s Day


André 3000 just released two new songs for Mother’s Day. Titled “Me & My (To Bury Your Parents)” and “Look Ma No Hands,” the singles are part of an EP called Look Ma No Hands.   Visit for more information On the title track “Me and My,” Andre sings for his late mother Sharon Benjamin Hodo who […]