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Eric Adams Elected As NYC’s Second Black Mayor In The City’s History

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According to a report from The New York Times, former NYPD Capt. and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has been elected as New York City’s 110th mayor, making him the second Black mayor chosen by the people in the history of the Big Apple. Visit for more information The 61-year-old becomes only the second […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Pledges $1 Billion for Coronavirus Relief Efforts


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is stepping up pledging $1 billion toward Coronavirus relief. According to Dorsey and BBC News, the figure represents more than 1/4 of the 43-year-old’s wealth. Visit for more information In a Twitter thread, Dorsey says that he’s chosen to fight for long term solutions by putting his money toward UBI […]

Mitt Romney Proposes $1000 to Every American During Coronavirus Outbreak


Channeling his inner Andrew Yang, Utah Senator Mitt Romney proposes writing checks of $1000 to every American as the coronavirus outbreak continues to take its toll on workers. Visit for more information Romney stated in a press release that Congress should move forward with the proposed legislation as a “short-term” easing of the financial […]

#YangGangNYC Pushes Andrew Yang for Mayor Unless He Goes #BidenorBust


Mayor Andrew Yang… Has a Ring to It… Visit for more information Former presidential candidate, Andrew Yang might not get the POTUS seat in 2020, but that does not mean he won’t consider an executive position elsewhere. According to Emma O’Connor from Buzzfeed, he told her flat out when she asked about running for […]

Andrew Yang Decides To Leave Presidential Race


The Yang Gang may be disappointed after it was announced that Andrew Yang will no longer be participating in the democratic presidential race. Collecting support form celebrities, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Dave Chapelle, Donald Glover, and Alexis Ohanian wasn’t enough to keep the businessman running in the democratic race. Visit for more information Yang’s […]

Dave Chappelle Endorses Democratic Hopeful Andrew Yang for President

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Controversial comedian Dave Chappelle has taken a side in the political arena by publicly endorsing Andrew Yang for the Democratic Presidential candidate in the 2020 election.  Visit for more information Yang recently qualified for the ABC News Democratic Debate, slated for February 10, prompting Chapelle to join him on the campaign trail. Their first stop […]

Donald Glover to Serve as Creative Consultant for Andrew Yang’s Presidential Campaign

Donald Glover to Serve as Creative Consultant for Andrew Yang's Presidential Campaign

Donald Glover joined Andrew Yang’s Presidential campaign as the creative consultant. Visit for more information News of Glover’s involvement in the Democratic candidate’s campaign comes right after they joined forces for a Los Angeles pop-up event on Thursday. “The specialized merchandise embodies the core policies and values of Andrew Yang’s Humanity First platform and […]