Apple, Samsung Sued for Intentionally Slowing Down Phones

After years of speculations of tech giant Apple slowing down their older model phones, consequences may soon follow. Visit for more information Apple, alongside Samsung, is being sued by Italian authorities for five million euros, approximately $5,697,130 in American dollars, for “unfair commercial practices.” Apple is being hit with an additional 5 million euro […]

Smartphone Radiation May Lead to Memory Loss in Teens

Smartphone Radiation May Lead to Memory Loss in Teens

Radiation from smartphones could be leaving youngsters with short-term memory loss, the best researcher has cautioned. Visit for more information Just one year of exposure can lead to sufficient harm to the part of the brain that deciphers pictures and shapes – and right-handed teens are more affected. Swiss radiation master Martin Röösli examined […]

How To Play Youtube in the Background Of Your Phone

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Achieving continuous background play of youtube on your phone is quite tricky. When you tap the home button and your music, podcast or audio interview’s sound cuts out it’s often times disappointing. According to The Verge however there is now a way to listen to Youtube and minimize it in the foreground. Visit for […]

Netflix Launches ‘Stranger Things the Game’

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Stranger Things on iOS and Android Visit for more information The drop of Netflix’s completely infatuating Stranger Things next season is quickly approaching and to coincide with the impending release of the show, the streaming site has teamed up with developer Bonusxp on a game. A retro inspired romp through Hawkins, Indiana, the app […]

Apple Denies Developing iOS To Android Transfer Tool


Earlier in the month, Telegraph reported that major European telecoms are pressuring Apple to create a tool that would help users switch from iOS to Android and an industry insider claimed that Apple privately agreed to develop the tool. Shortly after the report went viral, Apple spoke to BuzzFeed News to totally deny the report. […]

New Starbucks App Now Available For iPhone And Android

Starbucks App feature better

The new Starbucks app is the quickest, easiest way to pay for coffee ahead of time Visit for more information Starbucks addicts can now get their daily fix of coffee by the time they arrive at stores in select major cities. No more waiting in long lines since customers can now order and pay […]

New App Lets User Keep Hidden Video, Cops Or Soldiers Can’t Get To


Mobile phones have become a weapon against the war that is going on world wide.  The war I speak of is the one between the rouge police officers, and soldiers that reside in some the most dangerous places on the globe.  Were they commit human rights crimes like it’s okay to just abuse people. Visit […]

Turn Your iPhone 6 Plus Into A Game Boy With The SmartBoy


Over the years we’ve seen many cases that make your iPhone look like a Game Boy, but now thanks to Hyperkin, we have a device that transforms your iPhone into a functioning Game Boy. The SmartBoy is a device that attaches to the iPhone 6 Plus, allowing gamers to insert their old Game Boy cartridges. […]

Nintendo coming to iOS and Android

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Super Mario Mobile? Nintendo has announced their recent partnership with Japanese company DeNA (Marvel War of Heroes, Star Wars Galactic Defense) in order to bring their iconic characters like Mario and Luigi to Android and iOS devices. The terms of the partnership include creating new games and launch an online membership service for mobile devices. […]