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SOURCE SPORTS: Shaq Says He and Kobe Would Beat LeBron and AD in a 2-on-2


Shaquille O’neal is one of the greatest Los Angeles Lakers and basketball players in history so its no surprise that he has supreme confidence in whatever matchup he is in. Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Shaq was asked does he think the superstar tandem of the 200s Lakers, he and Kobe Bryant, […]

SOURCE SPORTS: Lakers Reclaim The Title Of Most Hated Team In The NBA

lebron lakers thesource

With the death of the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty, the league needs a new villain to hate against. Insert the Los Angeles Lakers. conducted this study by gathering over 100,000 tweets from Twitter users in the United States who included words like “hate” when mentioning a specific NBA team. That team was the Lakers. […]

Disney+ Ordering LeBron James Lead Docuseries ‘Becoming’ to Their Network


Disney+ is teaming with LeBron James on a docuseries that spotlights the upbringing for athletes and celebrities, Becoming. Disney has ordered a 10 episode series titled 'BECOMING', a docuseries that focuses on the upbringing of world-class entertainers, musicians, and athletes, from Lebron James and his Springhill Entertainment, ESPN Films, Spoke Studios, and ITV America. […]

SOURCE SPORTS: Is Anthony Davis a Future Chicago Bull?


Anthony Davis has yet to play a single game for the Los Angeles Lakers and if you believe Jalen Rose, AD is already scheming on one day playing for his hometown Chicago Bulls. Davis was in Chicago last week hosting his Rise Camp at Kenwood Academy and was asked about the possibility of one day […]

Anthony Davis and Dwyane Wade are the NBA2K20 Cover Stars

NBA K Cover Star Anthony Davis talks Basketball ditching James Harden his new rating

Basketball legit never sleeps. The NBA free agency is currently sending shock waves across the sports world and the video game world is letting fans know they can soon dictate the action with NBA 2K20. The new edition of the game will have new Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis on the corner. This is […]

The Real 6 God is Back? LeBron James Gives No. 23 to Anthony Davis


Think back just over five years ago. The LeBron James show was in Miami with Dwyane Wade and the greatest basketball player in the world wore No. 6 on his jersey. Now in 2019, The LeBron James show is the subtitle of the Lake Show and King James running mate is Anthony Davis. One thing […]

Anthony Davis Signs New Chip Deal With Ruffles

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Let the endorsements begin. Ruffles and Anthony Davis have announced an exciting partnership and collaboration. The NBA superstar and the crinkle-cut chip brand team up to create a custom grand prize Ruffles Ridge LX2 sneaker. Fans can take home this limited edition sneaker by simply purchasing a bag of Ruffles and entering the code for […]