Antwon Rose

[Watch] Jason Wilson Drops Epic Video On Black Policing in the US #SavingBoys

Jason Wilson

Jason Wilson, founder of The Catta in Detroit creates an amazing narrative changing the perception of young Black males in America. Visit for more information If you don’t know who Jason Wilson is, he is the founder of a program for young Black boys in Detroit. The Mission of The Catta (The Cave of […]

Driver Plowed Through A Group Of Protesters For Antwon Rose


Pittsburgh is still reeling from the death of 17-year-old Antwon Rose, and protesters are being attacked while using their Constitutional right to peacefully protest. Visit for more information On June 19, Officer Michael H. Rosfeld, who was sworn in hours before the incident, fatally shot the student. During a traffic stop, officers, including Rosfeld, […]

Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed Teenager In Pittsburgh

Antwon Rose via Twitter

A community is grieving after a 17-year old teenager was shot and killed by police after running from police during a traffic stop. Visit for more information According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Antwon Rose was fatally shot by police Tuesday (Jun 19) in East Pittsburgh after he “bolted” from the vehicle as police took […]