Celebs Get the “Old Age” Treatment Courtesy of FaceApp Filter


Drake once notoriously said, “If I die, I’m a legend.” But what happens when hip hop artists and other celebs don’t die and instead, just get old? That’s the question that several internet users have hoped to answer with FaceApp’s “old age” filter, a filter that adds about 60 years onto a person’s age. Visit […]

Rashaun Williams Continues to Build an All-Star Investment Following

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As people start planning their summer vacations, millions of Americans will likely turn to not just hotels (as was in the case with years past), but also other vacation rentals such as AirBnb. Rashaun Williams, tech mogul and investment adviser to numerous athletes and hip hop artists, knew this and that’s why two years ago, […]

New Ballertag Pickup Basketball App Lets Hoopers Play Hoops In Community


Summer is here and you know what that means, right?! Visit for more information There’s no NBA basketball on. But, there’s a bunch of free agency signings. No worries though! The coolest part of the summer are also the infamous amount of pick up games that are taking place. Hoop fans, let me introduce […]

[Watch] Pokemon Go Causes Stampede at New York City’s Central Park


Pokemon Go has been all over the news and social media lately. Some people think the new app is a ridiculous waste of time while others are clinging to the idea of recapturing their childhood. Whatever the case, New York City’s Central Park was swarming with eager participants after a rare find was supposedly “spotted” […]

Tinder Is Testing A New “Matchmaking” Feature

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Sharing is caring, and with the new share button being tested on Tinder, you can be a virtual “wing man” of sorts by sharing potential matches from the dating app with your friends. Visit for more information No longer will you have to resort to screenshots or time consuming swipe searches to pass on […]

The “Follower” App Provides You With Your Very Own Stalker


While stalking people in real life would normally result in a restraining order or a trip to the hospital, there’s a company today offering it as a service for you. Visit for more information Yes, you read that right. If getting likes on your latest selfie isn’t doing it for you anymore, you can […]

New App Helps Consumers Support Black Owned Business

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According to the National Black Chamber of Commerce, the 2.1 million Black owned businesses in America generate an annual revenue of over $138 billion. Visit for more information That number alone might sound impressive, however, compare it with the roughly $30.0 trillion in revenue that businesses in America achieve yearly, and it starts telling […]

Chelsea Handler’s New App Offers Escape From Awkward Situations

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Imagine the horror of showing up to a blind date only to be catfished, or cornered at a work function? Visit for more information Traditionally you would rely on your friends, banking that they come through with that emergency call or text, aiding in your somewhat guilt-free getaway. However, let’s be honest. It has […]

iPhone Users Can Now Lead A Donald Trump-Free Life


Blocking ads is great, but blocking particular celebrities? This could just be genius. Visit for more information A new app was released yesterday (Wednesday, November 18) from the application company Furtiv Ltd. cleverly titled “Trump Trump” and its sole purpose is to remove all things Donald from your internet experience. Now iPhone users can […]

New App Lets User Keep Hidden Video, Cops Or Soldiers Can’t Get To


Mobile phones have become a weapon against the war that is going on world wide.  The war I speak of is the one between the rouge police officers, and soldiers that reside in some the most dangerous places on the globe.  Were they commit human rights crimes like it’s okay to just abuse people. Visit […]

iPhone Owners Will Be The First To Test Their DNA With An App


The Apple company is pouring over $10 billion into its research and development department by 2016 Visit for more information Successful research leads to the development of powerful products that with adequate marketing become things that American consumers suddenly just can’t do without. Apple plans to stay on the cutting edge of product development […]

Foot Locker Drops A New App Featuring “Shoemojis”


New Foot Locker app “The Locker” features new “shoemojis” Visit for more information Today Foot Locker unveiled a new app called “The Locker” that is sure to make sneakerheads worldwide go crazy! The purpose of this app is to make shopping at Foot Locker easier for customers. This app features a release calendar, store […]