Apple Set to Reveal New iPads and MacBooks at Their First Brooklyn Press Conference

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After unveiling new iPhones and Apple Watches at its Gather Round event in September, Apple announced a separate event that’s expected to focus on the iPad and Mac.  The Verge reports that Apple distributed media invites for an October 30th event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Visit for more information The event’s tagline is “there’s more […]

Kanye West’s Yeezy Brand Joins Forces With Apple


Kanye West has profited from his brand Yeezy’s for some years now and it keeps getting better. Ye has made his brand into a nonprofit organization to where it’s under one of the largest technology companies right now called Apple. He recently tweeted “We unofficially work for Steve Johnny Tim and Lorraine,” he continued, referencing Steve […]

Amazon Joins the Trillion Dollar Value Club

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Amazon has joined an extremely exclusive club of two publicly traded US companies that have reached the $1 trillion mark in market value. Visit for more information As reported by CNBC, Amazon hit this market cap Tuesday morning after shares rose by almost two percent, making them worth $2,050.50. Because the outstanding share count was […]

Apple Accidentally Reveals New iPhone XS

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After months of Apple dropping hints about its new iPhones deep inside iOS 12, now the company has “accidentally” misplaced an official image of its iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus for everyone to see. Visit for more information The site 9to5Mac discovered the photo and its tipster Guilherme Rambo, who has attained finalized […]

Nicki Minaj Says Travis Scott Knows ‘Queen’ Is the Number 1 Album in America

Nicki Minaj Travis Scott

Nicki Minaj is really trying to lay down the facts about her latest album Queen to quiet down the critics questioning its performance on the charts. Visit for more information The “Barbie Dreams” rapper took to Twitter on Sunday and explained in a series of tweets how she believes the only reason why Travis […]

How Much is Apple’s $1 Trillion? Watch the Breakdown


The ubiquitous fruit that symbolizes technological innovation like we’ve never seen before has made history once again. Yesterday, (August 2) Apple became the United State’s first company worth $1 trillion dollars. Many of us have never seen and may never see one trillion dollars in person. When braggadocious individuals boast about their cash flow, they […]

Smartphone Radiation May Lead to Memory Loss in Teens

Smartphone Radiation May Lead to Memory Loss in Teens

Radiation from smartphones could be leaving youngsters with short-term memory loss, the best researcher has cautioned. Visit for more information Just one year of exposure can lead to sufficient harm to the part of the brain that deciphers pictures and shapes – and right-handed teens are more affected. Swiss radiation master Martin Röösli examined […]

Apple is Finally Adding Group FaceTime in iOS 12


The moment many of us have been waiting for is finally here. Apple is adding group FaceTime to their forthcoming iOS 12 software. Visit for more information The update is set to launch in September and is expected to have the ability to video chat with up to 32 users at once. Group FaceTime […]

Apple will be adding 13 new emojis to represent people with disabilities


Apple proposed new emoji today that would better represent hearing aids, guides, and people with disabilities, in a submission to the Unicode Consortium, as noted by Emojipedia. Visit for more information Apple wrote in its submission, “Apple is requesting the addition of emoji to better represent individuals with disabilities. Currently, emoji provide a wide […]

Apple Developing Its Own Brand of Noise-Canceling Headphones

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Words by Danielle Perry Visit for more information Tech giant Apple is working on a new pair of noise-canceling, over-the-ear headphones, following the shocking success of their Airpods, according to a new Bloomberg report. With work being on and off the headset in the past year, The company planned to release the new headset […]

Kevin Durant Teams With Apple For a Scripted Basketball Drama Series

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One of the main reasons Kevin Durant took his talents to the Bay area was for future endeavors. Visit for more information Durant has reportedly teamed up with Apple for a scripted basketball drama inspired by Durant’s AAU playing days, according to The Hollywood Reporter. .@KDTrey5 is prepping a scripted basketball drama for @Apple — Hollywood Reporter […]

Apple Music Chief Jimmy Iovine is Stepping Down in August

Jimmy Iovine will be stepping down from Apple Music in August 2018. Visit for more information The former  Interscope CEO joined Apple in 2014 after he sold Beats; a music service and electronics business which he co- founded with Dr. Dre, to the tech giant for $3 billion. Sources told Billboard that Jimmy’s departure from Apple […]

Kanye West Gives Kim K A Piece of Disney for Christmas

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Words by Roman White Visit for more information Kanye West may have won the title for best Christmas gift this year. Yeezy got his wife, Kim Kardashian, a really creative set of gifts to say the least. Kim added an IG story unveiling the set of gifts that Kanye got her. Advertisement Kim opened […]

Siri Doesn’t Know Takeoff is a Member of the Migos

Siri Doesn't Know Takeoff is a Member of the Migos

After admitting to slowing down old iPhones when new ones drop, Apple took another L. Reddit user, isaiahskrtskrt, discovered that Siri couldn’t identify the third member of the Migos, Takeoff. Visit for more information When he asked Siri, “Who are the members of the Migos?” the voice enable assistant answered, “The members of the […]

Apple Sued Over Unpaid Independent Artist Royalties

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Words by Comfort Nnala Kalu Visit for more information The main sale and attraction of streaming services is that they pride themselves in how much they pay for artist royalties. However, Apple has recently received a new lawsuit over unpaid royalties for independent artists. The lawsuit contradicts the value that they promise to artists. […]