Apple’s Latest Keynote Reveals New Products (And IOS 10 Is Lit)

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It’s no secret that every year Apple tries to up the ante with every new release. We can always expect something new and exciting with every product (which keeps us buying more). Shortly after every release we anticipate the new features and products, but Apple seems to surpass our greatest speculations for their new products every time. […]

New MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Models To Be Revealed This Month

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Apple’s MacBook Pro line hasn’t been updated in over year. In March 2015, the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina was refreshed and the following May, the 15-inch was given an update. New MacBook Pros are clearly imminent this year and according to, they could be announced as early as this month. One report by […]

A Body Has Reportedly Been Found at Apple’s Headquarters Today, a Possible Suicide

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TMZ is reporting that a body has been found on Apple’s headquarters–also referred to as their campus–in Cupertino, California this morning. According to the report, authorities from the Santa Clara County police department are on the campus, and the call came in to dispatch 20 minutes before 9 a.m. this morning as a “possible suicide.” […]

Tidal And Spotify Have Outdated Versions Of ‘Yeezus’?


Everyone knows by now that Kanye’s TLOP underwent some much publicized post-Tidal release work. ‘Ye couldn’t help but fix a couple songs after he put out the Tidal exclusive, which seemed a little strange, but then again, Yeezy does makes the rules. However, news broke recently suggesting Kanye was now going back into his previous […]

ICYMI: These Are All The Cool New Features From Apple’s iOS 9.3 Update

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This week Apple released it’s newest iOS update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices with iOS 9.3. The update consists of many major and minor changes, the most talked about being the “Night Shift” feature. Using geolocation and your Apple device’s clock, “Night Shift” changes the color display to the warmer end of the spectrum after sunset […]

This Is What The “i” In iPhone Stands For

iLife The “i” associated with the always present in a room and ubiquitous Apple product, is always plainly accepted and rarely questioned. The devices work, they are stylish and aesthetically pleasing but in purchasing an iPhone, iMac or iPad, why has the letter “i” preceding each type of product become a regular association? When Steve Jobs first […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Supports Apple In FBI Privacy Fight

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Apple has been at odds with the FBI lately over the tech giant’s refusal to allow law enforcement to access a suspected terrorist’s iPhone. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who wrote open letter on the matter, what the Department of Justice wants them to do is create a “backdoor,” which would put the security […]

Apple Confirms That Setting iPhone’s Date Back to Jan. 1, 1970 Will Disable It

Apple officially acknowledged the iPhone’s ‘1970 date’ bug on Monday, February 15, saying that an upcoming iOS update will prevent the issue from occurring in the future. Last week, it was discovered that setting your iOS device system date and time back to January 1st 1970 would crash your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, effectively […]

Apple Plans To Release 5SE And iPad Air 3 March 18


Apple is planning to release the upcoming iPhone 5SE and iPad Air 3 on March 18th. If accurate, that would come just three days after the spring press event, so Apple may skip preorders for their new products. The iPhone 5se is said to feature a 4-inch display and a physical design that resembles the outgoing […]

Chance The Rapper To Appear On Pharrell’s Beats1 Radio Show

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Pharrell and Chance The Rapper are set to sit down and talk music this weekend on Beats1. Pharrell, who’s already sat down with A$AP Rocky, Missy Elliot, Tyler The Creator and Puff Daddy, hosts the OTHERtone Beats1 Radio show via Apple Music with co-host Scott Vener. The show is scheduled for Sunday [February 7] at […]

Apple Rumored To Release Wireless Charger For iPhone 7 In 2017


Apple is rumored to be releasing a wireless-charging version of iPhone as early as 2017, with the development of a new wireless charging technology. Sources have revealed that Apple is working on creating technologies that would allow both the iPhones and iPads to be charged using the new wireless technology. According to the reports, iPhone […]

Apple Will Release a New iPhone 5 Instead Rumored ‘6c’ Model


Apple has decided to a take an nontraditional approach to it’s upcoming release. Unlike previous years, in which the  tech behemoth released it’s newest products in September, this year their next device will be released in March or April. It will also not be a predecessor to the iPhone 6 or 6S — but actually an […]

Apple Shakes Up Its Release Strategy With iOS 9.3

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Apple will no longer wait 12 months before rolling out new features with the recent beta release of iOS 9.3. To keep users engaged, they have provided substantive new updates with the new operating system. This allows users to update in a steady stream of smaller updates instead of having to wait for a major […]

Apple Denies Developing iOS To Android Transfer Tool


Earlier in the month, Telegraph reported that major European telecoms are pressuring Apple to create a tool that would help users switch from iOS to Android and an industry insider claimed that Apple privately agreed to develop the tool. Shortly after the report went viral, Apple spoke to BuzzFeed News to totally deny the report. […]

Apple Buys Rights To Technology That Reads Emotions In Faces

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Today it has been announced that tech giant Apple has acquired Emotient, the startup company that uses artificial intelligence to read your emotions by analyzing facial expressions. According to Andrew Moore, dean of computer science at Carnegie Mellon, the new technology, called deep neutral networks -network of software and hardware that can approximate the web […]

The iPhone 7 Reportedly Will Not Have a Headphone Port


The iPhone 7 is rumored to be arriving this fall, and as is tradition, tech blogs and industry insiders have already begun formulating reports and concept designs in anticipation of the phone giant’s forthcoming newest installment. While the physical design of the phone appears to be only a slight deviation from the already existing contours […]

Boomin: Fetty Wap Unveils His Own Line Of Emojis

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Paterson, NJ’s own Fetty Wap was a mainstay on the Billboard Top 10 in 2015, as he set a record as the first artist to have his first four singles debut north of the tenth spot on the charts. This was all further boosted by massive popularity, appearing on stage with Taylor Swift during her […]