Fat Trel Busted For Using Counterfeit Money At Maryland Casino


MMG artist Fat Trel was arrested for attempting to use counterfeit bills at a casino. Visit for more information According to TMZ, Sunday [March 27] Trel was in a casino in Maryland and attempted to place a bet for $450 using nine counterfeit $50 bills. The pitboss noticed they were fake and contacted police, who said […]

Migos Rapper Offset Released From Jail After Accidental Arrest

Offset BradBarket

Migos rapper Offset was released from jail today after an accidental arrest. He was pulled over last night [March 17] for tinted windows and when police noticed an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license, they arrested him. Visit for more information Offset thought he had already paid the fine for the previous offense in […]

Texas Officials Say Sandra Bland Committed Suicide Due to Lack of Familial Support


Texas officials have revealed why they believe Sandra Bland committed suicide in her cell. According to Chicago Sun Times, Larry Simmons, the attorney for Waller County, says that Bland committed suicide after her family and friends refused to pay her bail of $515. Visit for more information In the appeal filed by the Waller County Sheriff’s […]

Video: Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett Pleads With Officers During DUI Arrest

Video: Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett Pleads With Officers During DUI Arrest

On Halloween night Ohio State backup quarterback J.T. Barrett was pulled over and arrested on a DUI charge. The 20-year-old reportedly blew a 0.099 into a breathalyzer, and the legal limit for underage drivers in Ohio is 0.02. Since that time, the good folks over at TMZ got their hands on the police dash cam […]

South Carolina Officer Accused of Slamming Student Has Violent Past

ben fields

For the last few days, a video of a South Carolina police officer slamming a female African American student to the ground after she refused to leave her classroom has virally spread. Sheriff Deputy Ben Fields can be seen grabbing the 15-year-old Spring Valley High School student by her neck and slamming her into the ground. […]

Men Arrested After Running Meth Lab In Taco Bell


Two men are under arrest after being accused of allegedly running a methamphetamine lab in one of America’s favorite restaurants… Taco Bell. Visit for more information Cedar Rapids Police approached the two men identified as Christopher Adam Matous, 32, and Kent Jerome Duby, 56, early Tuesday morning, after noting suspicious activity from the duo outside the […]

Sandra Bland Dash-Cam Footage Released

sandra bland dashcam

Visit for more information Why was Sandra Bland arrested for not using a traffic signal? Watch the Released dash-cam video and you be the judge Texas Department of Public Safety has released the dash-cam footage that shows the moments before Sandra Bland‘s arrest are questionable. Advertisement The 52 minute clip above starts at 2:00 […]

Mistress Creamy Juice Arrested For Soliciting Illegal Massages

dwayne brandon

A Florida man has been arrested for performing illegal massages. Dwayne Brandon a.k.a Mistress Creamy Juice has been arrested for for working as a licensed massage therapist. According to reports, police were alerted of a man advertising on as a massage therapist. A few women answered the ad and met with Brandon who wanted […]

Diddy Will Not Be Charged With Any Felonies In UCLA Assault Case

A little over a week ago, the news broke that Diddy had been arrested on the UCLA campus after an incident with  strength & conditioning coach Sal Alosi. The altercation ensued after Alosi was berating Combs’ son and defensive back on the squad, Justin Combs. Of course, there were conflicting stories as to what actually […]

Warren Sapp Charged With 3 Counts Of Domestic Violence After Biting Girlfriend And Stomping On Her Head

warren sapp

Details emerge in Warren Sapp domestic violence arrest Visit for more information NFL Hall Of Famer and former NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp has not been having the best offseason. The former all-pro defensive lineman was arrested earlier this year during Super Bowl weekend for soliciting two prostitutes. That particular incident led to him […]

50 Cent Trolls Diddy Over Assault Arrest Visit for more information After being arrested for throwing a kettle-bell at a UCLA coach, Diddy has had a rough day on the internet No one should be surprised that 50 Cent would jump into the comedy.  50 Cent has long clowned Diddy for various reasons on his Instagram account, especially dealing with […]

Diddy Arrested After Altercation With UCLA Football Coach

For those that know, Diddy is no slouch when it comes to speaking his mind, or throwing hands when necessary. (see. Drake, Steve Stoute). But today, it seems that a coach on the UCLA staff also found out. Diddy was apparently visiting the campus during an offseason training session for the football team, in which […]