Burglar Identified By Red Underwear


This should be a lesson to all the boys out there who likes to sag their jeans. A Long Island teen thought he was free after robbing an apartment, but what he failed to realize is that his underwear would give him away. Visit for more information According to Black America Web, 18 year […]

Man Escapes Police, Then Gets Caught Looking For Hat


A Ohio man is probably wishing that he should have stayed clear of the police after escaping an arrest with them earlier. According to Black America Web, 18-year old Otha Montgomery was pursued by Eastlake police after running a red light Tuesday. Montgomery pulled up to a drive way after speeding off and ran on […]

Memphis Man Attacked By Thirty Teenagers While Assisting Elderly Woman

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Visit for more information As is the norm, teenagers today are out of control. A Memphis man learned the hard way when he was viciously attacked by 30 teenagers while helping an elderly woman. According to NY Daily News, 35-year old Orrden Williams Jr. says he was helping an elderly woman get to her […]

Woman Arrested After Marrying 10 Times in Immigration Scam


39-year old Liana Barrientos is awaiting her fate after doing what she thought was a good deed. According to CNN, Barrientos was arrested for marrying men to help them become Citizens of the United States. But she failed to do one thing…divorce them.  She is facing two criminal counts of “offering a false instrument for […]

Air Force Veteran Accused of Trying To Join ISIS


An Air Force veteran is accused of trying to join one of the most wanted terrorists groups in the world. Visit for more information Tairod Pugh of Neptune, NJ has officially been accused of trying to join the terror group, ISIS. Pugh was arrested in January at JFK after being kicked out of Egypt […]