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Harvey Weinstein Files Motion To Dismiss Ashley Judd’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

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Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers urged a judge on Tuesday to throw out a lawsuit that accuses him of blackballing actress Ashley Judd after she refused a sexual advance. Visit for more information Judd sued Weinstein in April, alleging that he harmed her career by dissuading director Peter Jackson from casting her in “The Lord of […]

Hollywood’s Top Women Launch Initiative to Stop Sexual Harassment


Some of Hollywood’s most powerful women have teamed up to launch an initiative aimed at combating sexual harassment inside and outside their industry after an avalanche of allegations set in motion by the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Visit for more information In a full-page open letter published in Monday’s New York Times, 300 prominent actresses, […]

Ashley Judd: I Offered Weinstein Sex To Avoid Rape

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Actress Ashley Judd recalled an encounter she had with Harvey Weinstein some 20 years ago, where the producer allegedly sexually harassed her. Judd says she was fearful she was trapped by Weinstein in a hotel room and offered to have sex with him after she won an Oscar to avoid being raped. Visit for […]