King Von’s Sister Slams Mortuary For Not Terminating Employee Who Allegedly Leaked Graphic Autopsy Photos

King Von's Family Held a Private Funeral Over The Weekend

King Von’s sister blasted the Atlanta mortician who allegedly leaked the graphic images of her brother’s autopsy. Visit for more information The late rapper’s sister, Kayla, posted a series of photos of the suspects including his Facebook profile and alleged address. “THIS THE SICK MFER THAT POSTED MY BROTHER PICTURES !!! HE WORK AT […]

Private Autopsy Proves George Floyd Died From Compression on the Neck

George Floyd Statue New Jersey

George Floyd’s family did the right thing by conducting their own autopsy which proved what we all already knew: His death was a homicide by “asphyxiation from sustained pressure.” Visit for more information The medical examiners say pressure on the neck and back, from Officer Chauvin’s knee, stopped the blood flow to his brain. […]

Autopsy Reveals Ahmaud Arbery Was Shot Twice in the Chest

Ahmaud Arbery Supporters run

A coroner’s report released on Monday revealed that the 25-year-old Georgia shooting victim was shot three times by his attackers. Ahmaud Arbery according to the report was shot once in his left wrist and twice in the chest. Visit for more information The admitted shooters George and Travis McMichael were arrested on murder charges […]