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Azealia Banks Claims Nicki Minaj Is Jealous And Broke

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Azealia Banks is back in the news making claims about Nicki Minaj’s finances. Banks says that Minaj is attempting to mess up one of her business deals, and that she is “broke” and allegedly pays blogs to make other rappers’ lives difficult. Visit for more information On Friday, Azalea posted several Instagram Stories where she […]

Miami Crowd Boos Azealia Banks Following Stage Rant During Pride Performance

Azealia Banks Cancels Album Following 'Wild n Out' Taping

31-year-old rapper Azealia Banks is coming under fire after storming out of her Miami Pride performance.  The controversial New York native abruptly stopped her set after about 30 minutes and began telling the audience the event promoters had been rude, she was unhappy, and she didn’t want to be there.   Visit for more information […]

Azealia Banks Speaks Against Murder in Hip Hop: “It’s Not Gangsta, It’s Not Cool”

Azealia Banks Says DaBaby Should Have Been Canceled

Azealia Banks hit Instagram and called out rappers, music executives, and ultimately how all the parties involved led to the murders of artists. “Hiphop audiences are so ghetto and backwards sometime,” Banks opened. Visit for more information “We need an intellectual glow up fucking pronto,” Banks added. “We cannot be this addicted to/excited about […]

Azealia Banks Joins Mallrat on New Single “Suprise Me”

Azealia Banks Shaves Her Head in Search of a Britney Spears Moment

New York rapper Azealia Banks has linked up with Australian rapper/artist Mallrat to release the new 3-minute “Surprise Me” single overnight produced by Jam City and Styalz Fuego. Somewhat of a dream collaboration for the young and emerging Mallrat, the link-up with Azealia Banks caps off an impressive rise for the developing artist who has […]

Azealia Banks Says DaBaby Should Have Been Canceled When He Slapped a Female Fan

Azealia Banks Says DaBaby Should Have Been Canceled

DaBaby is currently having a fight with cancel culture and has been removed from numerous music festivals across the country. If you ask Azealia Banks, the canceling is coming a bit too late and should have happened a while ago. Visit for more information “Y’all should have BEEN canceled dababy when he was caught […]

Azealia Banks Reportedly Wants To Date Kanye West

Azealia Banks Says DaBaby Should Have Been Canceled

Azealia Banks shoots her shot at Christian Billionaire Kanye West. Visit for more information West and wife, Kim Kardashian’s divorce has been extremely amicable. While the two sides have not publicly discussed the matter, “close sources” have done the talking for them. Kim, 40, was the first to state that she wanted joint custody […]

Azealia Banks’ Sextape With Fiance Sells For $17K on Blockchain

Azealia Banks Says DaBaby Should Have Been Canceled

Azealia Banks’ audio sex tape with fiancee Ryder Ripps sold for more than $17,000 on the blockchain. Now, Azealia explains her reasoning behind selling the NFT. Visit for more information Apparently, Azealia Banks and her fiancee, Ryder Ripps, recorded a sex tape to upload to the blockchain. The end goal was to sell the tape as an NFT […]

Is Azealia Banks Doing Well After This Alarming Weekend?

Azealia Banks

This past weekend, Azealia Banks wrote on Instagram that she was done here. Family, friends, and fans were worried about her mental health because of her posts. With what is going on in the world, while we are in a pandemic, is hard for people and especially for Banks. Mental health should be more influenced […]

Azealia Banks Shaves Her Head: ‘I’m About to Have my Britney Spears Moment’

Azealia Banks Shaves Her Head in Search of a Britney Spears Moment

First Tiffany Haddish, and now Azealia Banks to join the group of women rocking a shaved head. Banks gave fans an exclusive look at the process of her hair shaving journey before she began she told fans, “I’m about to have my Britney Spears moment.” Visit for more information “I feel like Britney b*tch […]

Azealia Banks Begs Ice Cube to Intervene in Battle Over Music Royalties

Azealia Banks Begs Ice Cube to Intervene in Battle Over Music Royalties

Anytime Azealia Banks opens her mouth it’s controversy, but she’s just misunderstood. The Harlem rapper recently revealed her alleged affair with Dave Chappelle and expressed that Black men in the music industry don’t support her. Visit for more information “It’s a lot of tea that I be wanting to spill on y’all Black nggas, […]

Azealia Banks Reveals She Had Sex with Dave Chappelle

Azealia Banks Says DaBaby Should Have Been Canceled

Aside from dragging Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks also dropped a bombshell detail on the Internet about Dave Chappelle. Visit for more information “I have actually fucked a lot of fucking very powerful fucking men,” Banks opened. One would hear that and think that the details of who would be left short. […]

10 Scariest Rap Feuds in Hip-Hop History

ScariestRapFeudsinHip HopHistory

Originally published on October 31, 2018 by Keenan Higgins Visit for more information What’s beef? Well, it’s one of the most synonymous occurrences in Hip-Hop that, regardless of how much people try to protest it, gets factored into the culture on a level of near entertainment. Basically, we really can’t just all get along. […]

Azealia Banks is Set to Launch Her Own Social Media Platform

Azealia Banks Begs Ice Cube to Intervene in Battle Over Music Royalties

It’s the fourth quarter of 2018, and Azealia Banks is trying to end it with a bang. Earlier this week, Banks announced her very own social media platform, Cheapy XO, which is set to debut soon. Visit for more information The details of the platform are unclear, however, it does have the same name […]

Azealia Banks Says Kim Kardashian Ruined Kanye West

Azealia Banks Continues To Shoot Her Shot At Kanye West With Upcoming Single 'F--k Him All Night' Cover Art

Azealia Banks hopped on Instagram over the weekend to send a few direct shots at Kanye West. Visit for more information She started off saying the Chicago rapper planned to steal a design that she created for him. Later on, she insisted that his wife, Kim Kardashian ruined him and will eventually leave him. […]