Check Out Steph Curry’s New Gigantic Mural Over An Oakland Freeway

stephen curry mural illuminaries under armour

Despite losing this season’s NBA Championship, the Bay Area loves their superstar Stephen Curry and with that being said, the Golden State Warrior is now a larger than life mural right above Interstate 880 in Oakland, CA. Curry is pictured at the back of a basketball gym, decked out in a pair of Under Armour […]

Damon Wayans Clowns On Kevin Harts Nike Shoe

african cooking show with kevin hart and damon way UOTpcAlLQ

Damon Wayans throws a jab at Kevin Hart by saying he already got a pair of his new Nike Hustle Hart in the above Instagram video. He got a pair of the upcoming trainers – the clip is instead a friendly snap on Hart’s diminutive size and the shoe. Until Wayans gets his own shoe […]

“Ran Off On Da Plug Twice” Meme will Complete Your Life

Screen Shot    at

  Dance memes have respectively took over the social media world and here we have a new dance that might do just that starting this 2016 year off right. The dance is easy and not as complicated as others it only forces you move just a bit in a running type motion, but not exactly. […]