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Judge Rules #BlackLivesMatter Is A Movement That Cannot Be Sued


Black Lives Matter is a social movement, like the tea party or the civil rights movement, and therefore can’t be sued, a federal judge ruled Thursday. Visit for more information A police officer anonymously sued Black Lives Matter and DeRay Mckesson, a prominent activist in the movement, after being injured by a rock thrown […]

Cybersecurity Firm ZeroFox Classifies #BlackLivesMatter Organizers As Security Threat

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In a released report ZeroFox aimed to identify cyber security and public safety threats to monitor rioting in Baltimore after resident Freddie Gray’s death in police custody Visit for more information Baltimore cyber startup ZeroFox is facing backlash via social media after the public release of a report released last Wednesday, in which the […]

Jay-Z And Beyonce Bail Out Ferguson And Baltimore Protestors

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Despite facing early criticism the Carters have been very involved in “Black Lives Matter” and Mike Brown’s father is thankful Visit for more information Jay-Z and Beyonce have faced criticism from those who felt that they could have been more supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement. Perhaps, the criticism may have been premature […]

Witness Says Freddie Gray Intentionally Injured Himself


As people try to come to terms of what really happened to Freddie Gray, a witness has come forward and puts a twist on what really happened to Gray. A prisoner whose identity has not been revealed, was in the same police van as Gray and says he “intentionally injured himself”. This comes as Baltimore […]

Police Cars Destroyed As Thousands Protest The Death Of Freddie Gray In Baltimore

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Downtown Baltimore has been shut down because of the violence between protestors and the police over last week’s shooting of an unarmed Black male Visit for more information 31 adults and four juveniles were arrested in Baltimore this weekend in connection to the protest for the death of Freddie Gray, who died in police […]