Bando Wavey

Young Lyxx & Bando Wavey – “Xanny” (Feat Teezy Baby)


Back with another smash from Bando Wavey, this time a visual for “Xanny” with Young Lyxx another rising star, and Teezy Baby who’s also on his way “outta here.” These three, all bubbling in their own way, all seemingly breaking the seal of local prestige, combine on “Xanny” to deliver a drug-induced summer anthem. The […]

Bando Wavey Aims To Heat Up The Summer With New ‘Made In NOLA’ Mixtape


If you’re looking for an artist with a 2017 industry standard sound, look no further than Bando Wavey, from New Orleans, LA. Bando Wavey stops by The Source today, to lace us with a Wavey Wednesday exclusive, his newest mixtape ‘Made In NOLA’, featuring $leazy EZ, Teezy Baby, and Young Lyxx. On this tape, you […]