The Goonies and Jersey Dominated Banned Legacy 3… Where Did Nu Jerzey Twork Stand?


It’s becoming a broken record. Visit for more information SMACK/ URL is the Def Jam of the battle rap industry creating platforms for some of the most gifted lyricists in the culture to showcase their gifts.  Retired rapper, media influencer, and former Def Jam artist, Joe Budden, says that one of the most essential contributions […]

All Major Airlines Now Ban Hoverboards

thinking of taking your hoverboard on delta air lines flights sorry you can

It’s happened folks. The hoverboard trend has now officially pissed off airport security. Visit for more information Friday, Southwest Airlines became the last of the USA’s major airlines to say they would no longer permit these devices on their aircrafts. This was following statements by Delta and United made Thursday. When asked Alaska Airlines […]

Petition to Ban Donald Trump From UK Reaches 100,000 Signatures

trump snl

A petition calling for Donald Trump to be banned from the UK has been signed by more than 100,000 people in a day, requiring the parliament to consider it for debate on the parliament floor. Visit for more information The petition comes after the presidential candidate called for a ban on Muslims entering the […]

Leave It Home: Disney Bans Selfie Sticks In Theme Parks


Well, there goes that awesome picture. Visit for more information Disney announced Friday that the popular tech gadget is no longer allowed in their theme parks. In a statement, Disney’s spokesperson Kim Prunty said: “We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family and unfortunately selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern […]

Sixth-Grader’s Parents Banned From School After Complaining About Racist Threats ‘N****rs Don’t Belong’

NyZeria Neely

In Indiana parents of 11-year-old NyZeria Neely have been banned from her school after confronting administrators over racist threats made against their daughter Visit for more information NyZeria Neely is the only Black student in her high-ability class at Concord Intermediate School, where 10% of the students and 2% of the school’s staff are […]