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Woman Arrested For Smoking On A Plane Rants About Obama “Killing People”

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Visit for more information Reddit user catches a woman going nuts pre-flight, and somewhat regretting it There are a few things, especially post-9/11, that you just don’t do after boarding an airplane. Some of them aren’t even actions that speak directly to potential acts of violence or terrorism, but the idea is to stay […]

Barack Obama Proposes Two Free Years Of Community College For Qualified Students

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Obama may be making pockets fatter in the coming years Visit for more information President Barack Obama is considering modeling a nationwide program that would publicly fund 2 years of community college for qualified students. Essentially, those that qualify–2.5 maintained GPA on degree path–would be attending two years of community college at no cost […]

The White House Is Investigating Malia’s Leaked “Pro Era” Selfie

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The Era has infiltrated the system and the Hill is not happy Visit for more information Earlier this week, a photo of Malia Obama rocking a white t-shirt with the Pro Era–the conspiracy theory-heavy rap group out of Brooklyn–logo emblazoned across it, leaked to the internet, much to the delight of Joey Bada$$ and […]

Michael Jordan On President Obama’s Golf Game: “I never said he wasn’t a great politician, I’m just saying he’s a sh*tty golfer.”

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Visit for more information Ahmad Rashad and Michael Jordan go back. Way back — like uh, Jordan and Pippen. Because of this, when the two connect, they truly do. This go-round, the duo linked up on Ahmad Rashad’s eponymous show on Black9Network where the storied sports host asked His Airness about his dream golfing foursome. First […]

Donald Trump Calls President Obama a “Psycho”

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Donald Trump just can’t seem to stop talking–or tweeting–and he’s firing off at the POTUS once again, this time calling him “psycho.” Visit for more information Early yesterday, Donny tweeted that there was “something seriously wrong with President Obama’s mental health” and then called him a “psycho” over his refusal to cut off flights to […]

Michelle Obama Makes Cringe-Worthy “Turn-ip For What” Vine


The White House needs a new social media advisor, stat Visit for more information Michelle Obama has led a healthy eating, anti-obesity initiative for pretty much her entire tenure as The First Lady of the United States, so it’s pretty obvious why she jumped at the chance to turn Lil’ Jon’s hit single, “Turn […]

President Obama To Address Ferguson In Live Press Conference

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President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak at a live press conference re: the situation in Ferguson any minute now.  He was scheduled to go live at 12:15 p.m. from Edgartown, Massachusetts, but the latest update on the live stream is that it will be “beginning shortly”. Visit for more information CLICK HERE FOR […]