OpEd: Since When Are Fake Butts Inspiring?

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Media is, what I have come to realize, one of the most powerful tools on earth. So many people are controlled by what they see on Instagram and Twitter that women are losing their lives over trying to keep up with Kardashians; butt injections and butt lifts…boob jobs, where does it end? At what point […]

Her Source | Keep Your Tips Looking Right With These Nail Tips

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Ladies, getting your nails done can get very expensive. I did research to gather some tips on keeping your tips looking right from world’s most popular beauty experts. In an effort to make sure these tips are legit, I tried them at home as well, myself, and yes, they do work.  Here are a few […]

HER Source Vices: Van Thomas for Christine Haircare

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No matter what the hair color, length or type, all women want healthy hair! Hair guru extraordinaire, Van Thomas has spent close to four decades perfecting his craft and educating some of the most celebrated stylists across the globe about healthy hair. In 2010, Thomas was faced with the loss of his vibrant daughter Christine […]

Her Source | Five DIY Hair Remedies


Every lady deserves to have her hair look, smell and feel healthy; some length wouldn’t hurt either. Below are five home hair remedies that are easy to do. Everything you need is already at your house or at your local market. Let’s grow long, healthy, and moisturized hair!

Her Source | MAC x Cinderella Collection

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Just in time for Spring! MAC has partnered up with Disney’s Cinderella to launch what may send us girls on the way to a “Happily Ever After”. The MAC x Cinderella Collection brings a fresh new set of shimmering, princess-esque products that will provide a natural yet flawless finish. The collection will be available for […]

Her Source | Five Beauty Habits That Are Bad for You

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  They say that beauty is pain, but some of these common beauty blunders can lead to literal pain, so be it infections or worse.  Here are some of the most frequent offenders on the bad beauty habits list to nix from your routine.  Advertisement  

BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS x Timberland 6-Inch Boot

timberland united arrows beauty and youth premium six inch boot

Timberland x Youth United Arrows With The Heat Collab      Advertisement The two seem to always find each other, Timberland teams up with Japanese lifestyle/ fashion brand BEAUTY&YOUTH UNITED ARROWS to give us a special edition custom of the Premium 6″ Boot. The features include a waterproof suede construction with a padded collar and fatigue footbed. Small features include golden […]

HER SOURCE VICES | Gucci Mane Inspired Nail Wraps

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No really, we’re pretty sure if Gucci Mane was sponsoring your next manicure he would definitely pick these nail wraps. WrapArtist Nails is known for some fun picks when it comes to decorating your nails. If you can only paint that one hand with your daily hand you’ll definitely find these useful. Finally, there’s something […]

STUSSY Livin’ GENERAL STORE X Beauty & Youth Collection

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Stussy Livin’ General x Beauty & Youth Collection Available Now    Stussy Livin’ General store has been doing a crazy amount of collaborations as of late and they continue with their newest collaboration with United Arrows and Beauty & Youth producing a mini collection in all navy blue. Featured items include a blue crew-neck t-shirt, […]