Ben Carson

Senator Elizabeth Warren Grills HUD Secretary Ben Carson on Housing Reform Rollbacks

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson was grilled by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren on Capitol Hill during a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing. Secretary Carson has gotten a lot of heat lately after reports that he and his wife used $31,000 in taxpayer money to furnish the secretary’s office. Secretary Carson cancelled […]

Ben Carson Calls Poverty “A State of Mind”

Dr. Ben Carson, current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, is under fire again for his recent comments made during an interview for SiriusXM. Host Armstrong Williams asked Carson about what could be made to reduce the number of people living in poverty. Carson started of by saying, “If everybody had a mother like mine, […]

Ben Carson Makes Reference To Slaves As “Immigrants”

Newly appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson offered few policy specifics during his first address to employees on Monday, a meandering speech marked by a startling comparison between slaves brought to the U.S. and immigrants. Carson’s remarks on immigration recalled a Texas textbook referring to slaves as workers. “There were other immigrants […]

Ben Carson Declines Cabinet Seat Due To Lack of Experience

Ben Carson and Trump, via LA Times

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson didn’t let his lack of experience in elected office stop him from running for president, but the former Republican candidate has decided it was enough to take him out of the running for a Cabinet position in Donald Trump’s new administration because he believes he lacks the background necessary to manage a federal […]

Ben Carson Links Hillary Clinton to Satan During RNC Speech

Yes, you read that correctly. Running out of ammunition, the neurosurgeon-turned-presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson reached far into the depths of conspiracy theories involving Hillary Clinton to discredit the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. It was Tuesday evening [July 19, 2016] that Ben Carson addressed the thousands in attendance and millions more watching at home during […]

Ben Carson Isn’t a Fan of Harriet Tubman Replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill

Today the U.S. Treasury announced that Harriet Tubman (former slave, American hero) would be replacing Andrew Jackson (former slave-owner, 7th POTUS) as the face of the $20 bill. Good job, country. While social media celebrates one of the great full-circle moments in modern history–Michael Jordan‘s infamous “Crying Face” has already found its way to Jackson’s $20 bill—Ben […]

Marco Rubio Drops Out of Presidential Race on #SuperTuesday

It was going to take a Herculean effort from Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio on this #SuperTuesday for the Florida senator to remain relevant in the race for the Republican nomination, and that didn’t come this evening, especially where it mattered most. At the very least, Rubio was going to have to take his home […]

Ben Carson Will Reportedly Endorse Donald Trump

NBC News is reporting that knowledgable sources have confirmed that Ben Carson will endorse Donald Trump for the 2016 Presidential Election. Carson officially dropped out of the race this past Friday after losing badly to both Trump and Ted Cruz in recent primaries and caucuses. He released a statement saying he saw “no path forward” […]

ICYMI: Ben Carson Officially Suspends Campaign

Retired neurosurgeon and, once, White House hopeful Ben Carson has finally pulled the plug on his declining campaign. It was Friday [March 6, 2016] during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference that he officially announced he would be ending his presidential bid. After a less than promising finish on Super Tuesday and missing Thursday’s […]

Ben Carson Will Likely Drop Out of Presidential Race

Ben Carson‘s run at the Oval Office appears to have come to an end. After lackluster results in recent primaries, and wins by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz at major caucuses, former pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson has indicated that he will drop out of the Republican Presidential race, citing the fact that he sees “no path forward” […]

What Happened to Ben Carson?

Growing up as a Black millennial in America, you’re bound to hear the name Dr. Ben Carson once or twice. Black History Month means his picture finds itself up on themed classroom bulletin boards alongside the likes of Dr. King and Muhammad Ali. Dr. Carson’s political career has certainly taken the opposite path of his […]

Watch SNL’s Hilarious Spoof Of GOP Debate

Former Saturday Night Live cast members Amy Poehler and Tina Fey returned to host the December 19 episode of the long running sketch comedy series and it was a doozy. Bringing together past and present cast members, one of the stand out sketches was the spoof of the GOP debate. Alumni Darrell Hammond reprised his […]

Ben Carson States Hip Hop Has Nothing To Do With Jesus Christ

It’s no secret that Ben Carson is a man who does not know how to bite his tongue, now he’s causing a stir this week as Hip Hop is the new victim to his comments According to The Grio, while doing a radio interview with WBLS-FM this Easter Sunday, the possible GOP presidential candidate told […]