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How Hillary Clinton Is Beating Donald Trump to The Punch


Hillary Clinton is wasting no time when it comes to Donald Trump. While Trump’s race is over and won, Hillary Clinton still has to deal with Bernie Sanders and the Democratic National Convention, but that isn’t keeping her from getting an early start on the opponent that she’s presumably poised to face this fall. Super-PACs […]

Bernie Sanders May Not Mind Being Hillary Clinton’s VP


Bernie Sanders has hinted at being open to join the Hillary Clinton ticket as her Vice President, but first, he’s focused on the nomination. “Right now, we are focused on the next five weeks of winning the Democratic nomination,” Sanders told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Friday [May 6, 2015]. “If that does not happen, we are […]

Clinton vs. Trump: Here’s What That Matchup Is Looking Like


The marquee of November’s general election is practically settled, and now a lot of our focus is shifted towards what the reality of a Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump race really means. According to CBS’ Nancy Cordes, Hillary Clinton will be taking a step back from her fellow Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, to begin making the […]

Here’s What Ted Cruz’s Withdrawal Means for The Democratic Party


Ted Cruz was losing power. With his plan towards grasping the GOP nomination quickly unraveling in recent weeks, the Texas-bred senator’s path became less and less inviting, and last night [Tuesday, May 3] he stepped down, hand-delivering the nomination to Donald Trump. Following an overwhelming defeat in Indiana’s Republican primary on Tuesday, the once confident conservative, […]

New Poll: The People of Ohio Want John Kasich to Drop Out


In a rather unexpected, but not so much surprising, twist of events, a new poll released Monday [May 2, 2016] shows voters in Ohio want to see their governor and presidential hopeful John Kasich step down from his current bid for the Republican nomination. In total, 49 percent of voters says they want Governor Kasich […]

#ObamaOut: POTUS’s 10 Best Lines at Final White House Correspondents’ Dinner

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Last night [Saturday, April 30] marked President Barack Obama‘s final year hosting the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and he did so with a bit of a bang. Alluding to the amusing spectacle that is the 2016 presidential campaign, Michelle Obama‘s ageless beauty and even Kendall Jenner, President Obama officially sealed the deal as the coolest president […]

Why Russell Simmons Is Voting For Hillary Clinton


Yesterday [Thursday, April 28] Russell Simmons sat down with Sway In The Morning for a very engaging conversation that put a twist on Hip Hop perspectives on politics and a healthy lifestyle. Russell is most recently notable for his vegan diet and yogi lifestyle. In November 2015, Russell released his book The Happy Vegan in […]

Could This Be the End? Bernie Sanders Begins Laying Off Campaign Staffers

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Bernie Sanders‘ campaign is now nearly 200 workers lighter as the race towards the Democratic nomination begins to draw to a close. It was on Wednesday [April 27, 2016] that Sanders told the New York Times that the campaign that was once numbered at over 1,000 went from the 550 remaining staffers to somewhere between 325 to […]

Here’s What’s At Stake In Today’s Primaries

Today [Tuesday, April 26] voters will take to the polls in the states of Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland and Delaware. For Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, this means the opportunity to score some pretty big wins, further widening the gap between themselves and their opponents. On the Republican side of things, Senator Ted Cruz […]

T.I. Is Allowed To Vote And He’s Feeling The Bern


So even though T.I. is a known convicted felon, apparently he’s still allowed to vote. T.I. schooled a representative from TMZ on his rights and assured everyone that he definitely can and will vote. In fact, he voted for Obama in the past two elections. T.I. tells the reporter, “As long as you are not […]

Bernie Sanders Snags Endorsement from Country’s Oldest African-American Newspaper


Ahead of next week’s Pennsylvania primaries, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has received an endorsement from the Philadelphia Tribune, the country’s oldest African-American newspaper. “Sanders offers an inspiring message and bold vision for America without the excessive baggage of [Hillary] Clinton,” an editorial in the publication read. “Which is why Sanders is our choice for president […]

Clinton Campaign Chief: “No Question” Women Will Be On Vice President List


As all signs begin to undoubtedly point to Hillary Clinton as the Democratic party’s presidential nominee,  the former Secretary of State might be looking to make some more history as she considers an all-female ticket, bringing on another woman as her presidential running mate. “We’ll start with a broad list and then begin to narrow it. But […]

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Triumph in New York

hillary clinton celebrates new york primary win

Yesterday [Tuesday, April 19] the inevitable took place and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump walked away with a victory in the New York primary for their respective parties. The two had a clear advantage as Clinton served as one of New York’s senators for eight years while Donald Trump’s profile and background in New York […]

Presidential Candidates Make Their Last Appeals For The Support Of New Yorkers

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Ahead of today’s primaries [April 19], the front-running Presidential candidates made some last-ditch attempts to gain support from New York voters. Was it enough to gain your vote? Female Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, rallied in Midtown Manhattan, alongside Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Gabrielle Giffords and Cecile Richards (president of Planned Parenthood) in a bid to […]

Spike Lee & Friends Say “Wake Up!” In Video For Bernie Sanders


Spike Lee continues to reaffirm his support for Bernie Sanders in the presidential election, in which this time he adds new fuel to an old flame. In Spike’s new Bernie Sanders campaign ad, his call to action is loud and direct with the all too familiar “Wake Up!” message that stuck with us from Lee’s […]

What To Look For In Today’s New York Primary


Today [Tuesday, April 19] all eyes are settled on New York as the state holds both the Democratic and Republican primaries. With a substantial amount of delegates up for grabs—291 for Democrats and 95 for Republicans—candidates will be looking to distance themselves in this race with a significant victory. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are hoping to […]

Welcome to ‘Berniechella’: The Music Concert Inspired by Bernie Sanders


Set to take place before the second weekend of the Coachella Music & Arts Festival, a host of indie performers, DJs, artists, and a few food trucks will come together in true Coachella fashion as they celebrate the first ever “Berniechella Block Party” in Old Town Coachella, California. “It’s a party of people who are in support […]

The Best Quotes From Last Night’s Brooklyn Democratic Debate

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Last night [Thursday, April 14] Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton faced off in Brooklyn in CNN’s Democratic Debate for one final major appearance ahead of Tuesday’s primaries in New York. Leading up to this point, Hillary Clinton’s once secured campaign has watched as the anti-establishment Senator Sanders has endured and put up […]

Why The Black Vote Very Much Matters in New York

Why The Black Vote Very Much Matters in New York

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been fighting fiercely to appeal to the Black vote ahead of New York’s primary contests on April 19, and the results seem pretty cloudy. No matter who ends up on the ballot come November 2016, the Democratic party will have to both entice and inspire the Black voter in […]