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South Carolina Is Here, and Here’s What You Should Be Looking For

Tonight’s [Saturday, February 27] Democratic primary in South Carolina will end at approximately 7pm EST, and with that closing, we will get a final glimpse into the political landscape for the Democratic party before voters take to the polls on Super Tuesday. While Hillary Clinton has won two of the first three rounds, what she’ll […]

The Sanders-Clinton Gap Continues to Narrow in South Carolina


Bernie Sanders is being outfitted with a following of Black supporters, activists, and leaders getting stronger and stronger with each passing second. It was no more than 10 days ago that Hillary Clinton revealed a $125 billion plan to counter systemic racism and support poor, minority communities while speaking in Harlem. A shrewd and timely maneuver by the former Secretary of […]

Why the Black Vote Really Matters in 2016

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Sunday [February 21, 2016], Bernie Sanders traveled to West Columbia, South Carolina as he joined some 300 patrons of a historically Black Baptist church during a post-service dinner. The stop was his first since losing the vote to Hillary Clinton in Nevada, and the first among many before voters in South Carolina take to the […]

Here’s What Happened in South Carolina and Nevada and What It Means

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Yesterday [February 20, 2015] marked the third time voters took to the polls as the Democratic and Republican parties held primaries in Nevada and South Carolina, respectively. The voting in South Carolina was shadowed by the looming question of whether or not Donald Trump might seriously be on his way to being the Republican candidate […]

Future’s “March Madness” is the Soundrack to this Bernie Sanders Rally

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Glad to know Bernie understands the significance of March Madness & acknowledges it as the Black national anthem — the other one (@imfromraleigh) February 17, 2016 As Bernie Sanders continues to narrow the national gap between himself and previous runaway Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton, the race for the black vote has intensified. After an […]

Is Bernie Sanders Scared to Address Black People and Black Issues?


Friday evening [February 12, 2016], Bernie Sanders entered what seemed to be neutral territory when he decided to attend a “Community Forum on Black America” in Minneapolis. What could have been a full house of minority supporters with a clear view of Sanders’ agenda for Black Americans was a school gym with folding chairs and bleachers […]

Here Are Clinton and Sanders’ Plans for African Americans

As the campaign leaves behind the predominantly-white states of Iowa and New Hampshire and enters into minority territory in preparation for the Nevada caucuses [February 20, 2016] and the decisive South Carolina primaries [February 27, 2016], the Democratic candidates are actively scrambling for the Black and Latino vote. During last night’s [Thursday, February 11] Democratic Debate […]

[Watch] Eric Garner’s Daughter Appears In New Bernie Sanders Campaign

Eric Garner passed away on Staten Island in 2014 after being placed in an chokehold by a New York police officer using excessive force. The incident was caught on a cell phone video, in which Garner is heard saying, “I can’t breathe!” Footage of the incident quickly circulated the internet and fueled a national debate […]

Harry Belafonte Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

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Longtime civil rights advocate and entertainment industry giant Harry Belafonte has officially endorsed Bernie Sanders in this year’s presidential race. Sanders has enjoyed quite possibly the best and most focused week of his campaign over the last four days, decisively defeating Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primaries, and sitting down with Rev. Al Sharpton […]

Tonight’s Democratic Debate Is All About the Black Vote

Almost by default, Hillary Clinton has garnered the support of the Democratic Black voter since the beginning of the race to the White house, and many African American leaders have often criticized Senator Bernie Sanders for being “missing in action” on what matters to Blacks. Now, the power of the Black vote can’t possibly be understated […]

New Hampshire Recap: Big Wins and Even Bigger Losses


On Tuesday [February 9, 2016], over half a million voters made their way to election polls to cast their ballots in the New Hampshire primaries As predicted, Bernie Sanders (D) and Donald Trump (R) emerged on top as the anti-establishment picks for their parties, respectively. And while the picks weren’t the least bit surprising, they’ve […]

Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump Prevail in New Hampshire Primaries

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The projections are in: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders will claim victory at the Republican and Democratic New Hampshire primaries when the official numbers are tallied tomorrow morning. This comes a week after both Trump and Sanders fell runner-up to Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton respectively at the Iowa caucus, which was the closest race of its […]

Bernie Sanders Is Closing The Gap Between Hillary Clinton In National Polls

For the majority of the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the democratic nominee, Clinton held a commanding lead in national polls. As the race carries on, the space between the two has narrowed heavily. According Reuters/Ipsos polls, she is hanging 48-45 percent. Also, Quinnipiac University’s poll showed Hillary up 44-42 as of […]

Here’s What You Missed From Last Night’s CNN Democratic Debate

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Last night [February 4, 2016], the Democratic candidates took to the political stage in New Hampshire in the Democratic party’s most heated debate yet. With Martin O’Malley having formally stepped out of the race following a significant loss in the Iowa Caucuses, the floor was taken by the two front-runners remaining: Former Secretary of State Hillary […]

Bernie Sanders DGAF, Shoots at Hillary Clinton on Twitter

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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton just went head-to-head in the closest race in Democratic Iowa caucus history, and though Hillary Clinton snuck out a victory, Bernie Sanders is by no means losing his ground on Clinton, who’s watched the gap between her and the Vermont Senator close significantly in recent months. Chalk up this recent […]

Clinton Officially Wins Iowa Caucus in a Close Race

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Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in Iowa after a long night of vote counting [Monday, February 1], according to Politico. This was said to be the closest race in the history of the state’s Democratic caucuses. Clinton had 49.9 percent of delegates and Sanders had 49.6 percent, meanwhile former Maryland Gov. Martin O’ Malley received […]

Here’s What Happened In the Iowa Caucuses and What It All Means


Monday night [February 1, 2016], the Iowa caucuses came to a close, kicking the presidential campaign into high gear while dramatically shifting it from a race that seemed to be in favor of certain candidates to one of great uncertainty. A quick recap will show you Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton ended up in […]

Tommy Chong Endorses Bernie Sanders


In the video below, watch actor and marijuana advocate Tommy Chong endorse presidential candidate Bernie Sanders about his ability to serve the country as the POTUS. The former Cheech and Chong star called Sanders “Donald Trump with brains” in the endorsement shown below.