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President Trump Reverses Obama Policy Encouraging Racial Diversity in Colleges

Donald Trump Says Payments to Stormy Daniels Wasn't Against Campaign Laws

President Trump has long been viewed as insensitive and ignorant in regard to race and a new policy looks to only enforce that belief. Last week, the Trump administration reversed an Obama-Era policy that encouraged colleges and universities to consider race as a factor in their acceptance decision. Visit for more information This policy […]

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Struggles in ’60 Minutes’ Interview

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Secretary of Education Betsy Devos went on 60 Minutes on Sunday to talk school choice, gun control and improving education in the United States. In the 13 minute interview, DeVos struggled to answer questions and was grilled by 60 Minutes correspondent Leslie Stahl about slashing funds to public schools and making false claims regarding the lack of […]

Armed Officer Did Nothing as Florida School Shooter Killed 17 People

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A new report revealed that as the shooting in South Florida’s Stoneman Douglas High School took place, an armed officer did not take action and waited outside the school as shots were fired. Visit for more information The Sheriff Deputy Scot Peterson was at the school during the shooting and his refusal to act […]

The Trump Administration Wants More “Clear And Convincing Evidence” To Take Sexual Assault Cases On Campus Seriously

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos just reversed a key part of the government policy concerning sexual assault on campuses. She claims that she is giving more freedom to campuses to balance the rights of accused students because the rules enforced by the Obama administration “lacked basic elements of fairness”. Visit for more information Janet Napolitano, the president […]