New Biden-Harris Ads Call Out Trump’s Refusal to Condemn White Supremacist and Comparing Shooting a Black Man to Golfing

Congressional Black Caucus Says Trump Denied to Meet With Them About Plan Similar to Ice Cube's 'Platinum Plan'

Following the controversial first 2020 presidential debate, the Biden campaign has released two new ads that highlight the inadequate leadership exhibited by President Donald Trump. The first spotlights Trump’s refusla to condemn the actions of White Supremacist. During the debate, Trump was asked by both moderator Chris Wallace and Vice President Joe Biden to denoucned […]

Polls Show Biden-Trump Race Tight in Arizona and Florida

joe biden giving a speech at coast guard academy

With less than 50 days until Election Day, President Donald Trump is said to hold a narrow lead over Joe Biden in Arizona and Florida. A poll released by The Washington Post and ABC News, the two presidential candidates are in a virtual tie, with 49 percent go Arizona voters in favor of Trump, while […]

Michelle Obama Dismantles Trump in DNC Speech; ‘He’s in Over His Head’

Michelle Obama Recruits Stars for 'Worth It' Campaign to Promote Education

Former First Lady Michelle Obama held back no words when criticizing President Trump in her Democratic National Convention speech on Monday. The speech delivered in a recorded video desceribes her husband’s successor as incompetent, divisive and incapable as the leader of the United States. “Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. He has […]

Kanye Falls 1300 Signatures Short From Being on The Illinois Ballot

Kanye West and a Couple Famous Friends Hit a Chick-Fil-A in Georgia

Kanye can’t catch a break. Mr. West will unlikely appear on his home state’s presidential ballot come election day. According to the Chicago Tribune, the rapper and fashion designer fell short of the 2,500 signatures needed to qualify for Illinois’s presidential ballot as an independent. To make the ballot, West had to have 2,500 signatures. […]