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Escaping Lucy: ‘The Great Depression’ From Big Flock Is More Than Just A Title

Escaping Lucy: 'The Great Depression' From Big Flock Is More Than Just A Title

The 1930’s brought the hardest economic disaster America has ever been faced with. Financial destitution peaked strongly from 1929-1939, but it led to the wonders of Pop Culture—through evading tough times, with the help of television, books, magazines, movies, etc. We’ve adopted Pop-Culture escapism, utilizing all of those distractions, and then some. As I met with […]

Big Flock Releases Anticipated ‘The Great Depression’ Project

Big Flock Releases Anticipated 'The Great Depression' Project

Arriving on the same day as the 1929 Great Depression, Maryland artist Big Flock releases his biggest project to-date, with The Great Depression. The project comes equipped to be loved by those who have supported his art for years, also for those who are more recently becoming familiar with him. Visit for more information Since […]

Big Flock’s ‘The Great Depression’ to Feature 21 Savage and HoodRich Pablo Juan


The music scene in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area, is shaping up to be one of “unity.” One rapper who’s building a reputation for himself is Maryland’s own, Big Flock. 24-years-young, The Great Depression is a highly-anticipated release for Flock. Visit for more information Although he’s away (#FreeFlock as you’ll see scattered throughout a […]