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Event: Biggie Smalls Tribute Show 3/9/14 At The Delancey


Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace March 9th may be like any other day for most people during the year, but to those who cared about Christopher Wallace and Hip-Hop, it’s an international holiday of remembrance. This year, March 9th marks the 17th year since the passing of Biggie Smalls aka the Notorious B.I.G. And […]

The Jonathan Mannion Experience In 10 Pictures


In case you haven’t heard, Jonathan Mannion‘s studio is closing down today, and in remembrance of his work in hip-hop and the world of photography, we put together this collection of our fifteen favorite Jonathan Mannion moments. From his contributions to major hip-hop publications–including ours of course–to his 1-of-1 visions of both up-and-coming stars and […]

Barron Claiborne Imagemaker

BarronClaiborne 02

Barron Claiborne’s Biggie Crown photograph is by far the most famous and most ripped off photo to appear in the game. If your not familliar with his work, Barron’s images evoke spirit and pay respect to his subject not often seen. One of the most gifted artists of our time Barron’s work transends the category […]