Ryan Reynolds Wants to Explore Deadpool’s Bisexuality in Future Films

Ryan Reynolds Wants to Explore Deadpool's Bisexuality in Future Films

Amid a board at Comic-Con this end of the week, Ryan Reynolds communicated his longing to investigate Deadpool’s sexuality in future movies and incorporate more LGBTQ characters in the saint’s universe. As Variety brings up, Deadpool’s modify sense of self Wade Wilson is a self-portrayed pansexual, and Reynolds needs his character to develop that personality […]

Paris Jackson Reveals That She Is Bisexual During Q&A On Social Media

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris took a big leap in revealing her personal life to the public this weekend about her sexuality. While answering questions from fans on Instagram via an “ask me a question” app, Paris Jackson unveiled that she is bisexual, but she does not care to be compartmentalized. A fan asked the question, […]

Tessa Thompson on Relationship With Janelle Monae: ‘We Love Each Other Deeply’

Tessa Thompson publicly stated that she is “attracted to men and also to women.” This PSA follows speculation about her sexuality after she played Janelle Monae’s love interest and clitoris in the music videos “Pynk” and “Make Me Feel.” Thompson gave some insight about how her family views sexuality. “I can take things for granted […]

Twitter Is Under Fire For Censoring Bisexual Photos

More than a few LGBT Twitter users were alarmed this weekend when searches for relevant terms (such as #bisexual and #gay) no longer produced results, regardless of what their content settings were. At the least, it made discussions unnecessarily difficult; some even accused Twitter of deliberately silencing LGBT voices. However, it looks like those queries […]

Reports Claim Aaron Hernandez Tried To Conceal His Bi-Sexuality

Last week, Aaron Hernandez left three suicide notes behind before committing suicide. Two of these notes were for his daughter and fiancé, while the last reportedly for his gay lover also incarcerated. Reports are now claiming that Hernandez actually killed Odin Lloyd to hide his bisexuality. Newsweek says Hernandez had a longtime male lover. Law enforcement […]

New Research Shows Bisexual Women Are More Susceptible To Sexual Assault On Campus

As stated by ATTN, new research has found bisexual women are more susceptible to college campus sexual assault than people of other sexual orientations. The investigation, which was published in the Violence and Gender Journal, reveals approximately two in five bisexual women disclosed they experienced sexual assault in college while one in four heterosexual women […]

‘Hunger Games’ Actress Comes Out Of Closet On Snapchat Vid

Actress Amandla Stenberg, who is best known as “Rue” from her Hunger Games stardom, has been very vocal about race and race relations on social media, but now she is becoming just as outspoken about her sexuality. The 17 year old activist/actress was featured on Teen Vogue‘s Snapchat after appearing on the publication’s cover, where […]