Money Man Releases New Album ‘Blockchain’ Following Receiving Advance in Bitcoin


Before his album dropped, Money Man already changed record deals as we know it. The rapper recently received his entire 7-figure advance in Bitcoin via Cash App from EMPIRE’s Founder & CEO Ghazi. Visit for more information Now, Money Man drops his new cryptocurrency-focused album Blockchain. The new album is equipped with the visuals […]

Beyond Solar Power: Akon’s ‘Akoin’ Aims to Build Africa’s New Economy


As globalization and technology continue to provide more opportunities for people throughout the world, a few significant challenges remain- especially in underdeveloped countries with less than stable economies and national currencies. For years, cryptocurrency experts have stressed the importance of building crypto-based economies in countries such as these (many of them in Africa). Now Akon, […]

From C-Notes to Crypto: Why Cryptocurrency Could Be the Future of Hip-Hop

One of the hottest tech trends of the last few years has been the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Once relegated to techies and conspiracy theorists, cryptocurrency has entered the mainstream in a big way with millions of people dabbling in the new (and often confusing) world of virtual cash. Visit for more […]