Frank Ocean Taps Jay Z for Beats 1 Radio Show


So this basically means new music, right? Visit for more information We can only hope so. Frank Ocean premiered blonded RADIO on Beats 1 and his guest of honor, Jay Z.  The two discussed topics we don’t usually get to hear them talk about, everything from popular music today to streaming technology. “It’s pretty […]

Frank Ocean Is Paving A New Way For Creative Introverts To Thrive

frank ocean

While endless studies have been conducted on the psyche of the creative, many claims dance around the general consensus that a large majority of creative people are both uniquely introverted and extroverted. While this is not always the case, a major key lies in discovering and honoring the environment that best suits an individual’s creative […]

Spotify Strikes Back: Less Promotion Given To Apple Music Exclusive Artist!

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Although Spotify says it isn’t true, multiple executives states otherwise. Various major label executives has accused Spotify of sabotaging artists that have inked Apple Music exclusives. The streaming giant has flatly denied such allegations including plans to downgrade Frank Ocean’s latest blockbuster release “Blonde.” A spokesperson for Spotify was on damage control duty Friday afternoon, […]

Frank Ocean’s ‘Endless’ Is Ineligible for the Billboard Charts

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Frank Ocean‘s Endless album won’t be climbing up the Billboard charts anytime soon. According to Billboard, his visual album is deemed ineligible. Visit for more information Ocean wowed fans with an epic followup to Channel Orange with two albums days apart. The second one, Blonde, is shattering the Billboard 200, boasting 17 tracks available for download and streaming on […]

Universal Music Bans Streaming Exclusives After Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’

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The way Frank Ocean released his highly-anticipated new album Blonde has influenced Universal Music Group to end all streaming exclusives for the artists. Visit for more information Blonde, an Apple Music exclusive, was released on Ocean’s independent label Boys Don’t Cry, which is not affiliated with his former publisher Def Jam or its parent company Universal Music Group (UMG). Metadata […]