President Trump Renews Call for Stop And Frisk Policy in Major Black Cities

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In a town hall style interview on Fox News, President Trump claims that stop and frisk policy would help major cities decrease crime. Visit for more information Speaking with Sean Hannity, Trump name dropped Oakland, Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore as cities that have more crime than Honduras and Afghanistan. “Everybody gets upset when I […]

Spotify Strikes Back: Less Promotion Given To Apple Music Exclusive Artist!

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Although Spotify says it isn’t true, multiple executives states otherwise. Various major label executives has accused Spotify of sabotaging artists that have inked Apple Music exclusives. The streaming giant has flatly denied such allegations including plans to downgrade Frank Ocean’s latest blockbuster release “Blonde.” A spokesperson for Spotify was on damage control duty Friday afternoon, […]

RZA Says Black People Should Stop Scaring White Cops

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RZA. — deray mckesson (@deray) January 7, 2016 Visit for more information RZA recently sat down on Bloomberg TV’s All Due Respect show to talk about the current presidential race, and his feelings on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. It didn’t take long for the legendary Wu-Tang producer to begin making eye-popping […]