Blu Talks Teaming Up With Producer Nottz Again For New EP


In Hip Hop, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel to create great material. Blu proves that with his latest effort, Titans in the Flesh. Once again teaming up with Nottz, an incredible producer from 9th Wonder’s beat squad, The Soul Council. Visit for more information The duo released an EP together in […]

Listen to Blu’s “Thriller” ft. Sene, Definite & Cashus King


And just like that Blu put out a new EP, The Return. The short project features this track, “Thriller.” The production is sample heavy and takes a backseat to the stories, as told by the emcees who join Blu. You’ll never be shorted on lyrics and production with this artist. And his artwork lately has […]

Listen To EOM’s “Get Along” Ft. Anderson .Paak & Blu


4/20 has come to a close on the east coast, if you’re a stickler for technicalities. But if the day doesn’t end until you go to bed, you’re in luck for a great way to wind down the green festivities. Producer EOM is prepping his album, Sunrain, which drops on the 25th, and he shared […]

Listen to ScienZe’s New Song “Southside, Queens”

scienze southside queens blu elle pierre prod king i divine

ScienZe has been busy lately. He has been building his upcoming EP, A Traveling Man 2, and today hes’ released the first single “Southside, Queens“. Featuring the enigmatic Blu, Elle Pierre on the hook and King I Divine behind the boards, this soulful cut is sure to keep your vibe right throughout the day.  Check out the single below […]

Interview With Blu From Bad Girls Club Season 12


Check out the exclusive interview: visited Richmond, VA to sit down with reality show star Blu from Bad Girls Club season 12 Visit for more information Welcome to Richmond, is this your first time here? Blu: Thank you, yes it is my first time, I wanted to come here…..hold up this is my part. […]

Listen To The Remix Of “Peroxide” From MED & Blu Ft. Mibbs Of Pac Div

Blu MED Tour Mix Artwork Final

Remixes are always welcomed around here, especially when they involve Blue, MED, and Mibbs. The West Coast heavy track that started out with MED and Blu on their The Buzz EP, was reworked by Sirplus and extended with a new verse from the Pac Div member Mibbs. The bouncy Madlib production is transformed into a […]

Watch L’Orange’s “Need You” Video Ft. Blu


Directed by: EmaLee Arroyo Visit for more information Note from the director: As a multi-media artist coming from a background in performance and video art, the first time I heard L’Orange’s “Need You” I was struck with the songs dichotomy of beauty and melancholy. I wanted to create a world, a universe where this […]

Watch MED, Blu & Madlib’s “Peroxide” Video Featuring Dam-Funk


Just look at that line up, will ya. Visit for more information Even if you aren’t from the West Coast, you’ll feel like you grew up down the street from MED and Blu after listening to “Peroxide.” With production and hook responsibilities taken care of by Madlib and Dam-Funk (who else would you rather […]

Diamond D Remixes Blu’s “Boyz II Men” Featuring Nitty Scott, MC

Unearthed iTunesDeluxeEdition

Visit for more information All hail, Diamond D. The legendary producer uses his professional vision to re-imagine the larger than life Nottz produced single, “Boyz II Men,” off of Gods In The Spirit. Replacing the horns with a more Oriental feel, Diamond D makes the lines of Blu and Nitty Scott, MC more of […]

Blu Is Set To Make “The Return” Home


Visit for more information Growing up in certain neighborhoods in California was no joke. When you have people honestly asking you how you kept your peace without a piece is a tell-tale sign. That’s the kind of drug and gang affiliated area Blu became familiar with as a young boy. But it also glistened […]

Blu Releases Part 3 Of His “Soul Amazing” Mixtape Series

blu soul amazing 3

Visit for more information With a new double LP, Good To Be Home, slated for a May 20th release via Nature Sounds, Blu felt bad having the fans wait any longer. In lieu of that, he released the conclusion to his Soul Amazing mixtape series, Part 3. The tape features 39, THIRTY NINE, tracks. Yes, 39 tracks. Mixed […]

Feel Larger Than Life with Blu & Nottz’s Gods In The Spirit EP

GodsInTheSpirit 640

EPIC. Visit for more information You never hear of certain artists in the tabloids, rumors on social media, or in the barbershops. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of your conversation when it comes to raw skill on the mic or on the boards. Blu and Nottz are mainstays when it comes to […]

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time: Week of 5/10/13


Back like we never left. God, I hate that expression… Anyway, the second week of “Never On Schedule, But Always On Time” is here for you to bring in the weekend, because sometimes you need a little something different after listening to the radio for a week straight on the way to/back from work. Visit […]

Sene, Blu, & ANTHM – Young Leaders ft. Britain Parker

Visit for more information <a href=”” mce_href=””>young leaders. by sene, blu, ANTHM, britain parker.</a> An amazing trio I never thought would collaborate actually got together, Sene, Blu, and ANTHM, and made a hot track called “Young Leaders,” featuring Britain Parker Take a listen and you’ll see why the track name matches the artists.  Advertisement […]

Listen: ANTHM ft. Blu – Polaris

  Visit for more information ANTHM isn’t taking his newfound buzz lightly and continues to crank out new music after just releasing his introductory mixtape, When We Were Kings. The New York native links up with Blu for a new musical experience titled “Polaris.” The emcees kick dream-chaser flows over an uplifting score for […]