Blueface Admits To Contracting an STD In 2019


Blueface is no stranger when it comes to spilling his bedroom deeds. The California rapper recently appeared on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast with Gillie Da King and Wallo. When asked about his sexual encounters, he was open and honest. The “Thotiana” rapper stated that he doesn’t run into nor interact with the […]

Lil Durk and Blueface Respond to 6ix9ine’s Plummeting Album Sales

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6ix9ine’s newest album TattleTales was projected to sell 150,000 in its first week of release. Now, it seems as if that number will be lower. MUCH lower. Visit for more information According to longtime friend DJ Akademiks, 6ix9ine’s first-week sales projections have dropped from 150k to just 50k. Ak says that the reason for […]

Blueface Says That 6ix9ine’s New Song is ‘Terrible’

Blueface Says That 6ix9ine's New Song is 'Terrible'

Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black? Visit for more information 6ix9ine recently dropped his new album, TattleTales, this past Friday. Many people have negative feelings towards the glorified snitch, even Blueface. 6ix9ines bestie, DJ Akademiks, posted the song “Tutu” on his Instagram page. Blueface apparently did not like the song and decided […]

Blueface Announces His Debut Album is Set to Drop on March 13


Blueface’s debut album may finally be heard. Find The Beat is set for release on March 13. Visit for more information The “Thotianna” rapper hit Instagram to share a picture of himself from back in the day and revealed to his fans it’s time for the album to drop. “Okay guys jokes over find […]

Blueface and Crew Beat Up Guy Who Tried to Steal Rappers Chain


By: Dylan Kemp Visit for more information On Friday, Dec 20th, Blueface, and his crew were involved in a brawl at a hookah bar in Los Angeles after a man tried to jack Blueface for his chain.  Blueface and his crew were at trying to have a good time at Blue Moon Hookah Lounge […]

Blueface Tells Shiggy Rap is Not His Lane


By: Dylan Kemp Visit for more information Yeah, iight Come 2020, social media star, Shiggy, wants to try his hand in the rap game. However, Blueface doesn’t think that’s the right move. Advertisement Blueface ran into Shiggy at Rolling Loud L.A. on Saturday, Dec. 14. In the clip, Blueface advises Shiggy not to start […]

Three Men Attempt to Rob Blueface’s Mansion While He Was Away in Dubai

Blueface Says That 6ix9ine's New Song is 'Terrible'

By: Amira Lawson Visit for more information “Did You Know I Can C you?” California rapper Blueface Baby, real name, Johnathan Michael Porter caught robbers in the act of breaking into his home. Advertisement The “Thotiana” rapper shared some clips to Instagram, criminals attempting to break into his home as he is away for […]

Blueface’s Felony Gun Possession Charge Dropped


Blueface is skating away a free man after he was arrested in February and charged with a felony count of possession of a loaded firearm. Visit for more information The Blast details the case was tossed out Wednesday by a judge who did not have enough sufficient evidence to convict the “Thotianna” rapper. “Video […]

Blueface Claims he Slept With 1,000 Women in 6 Months


When Blueface made the song “Thotiana” he was probably talking about himself. Visit for more information The West Coast rapper stopped by Big Boy’s Neighborhood and made an interesting revelation. He claims he slept with 1,000 women within the last six months. Although Vice said that’s mathematically impossible, the rapper claims he’s not capping. […]

Blueface Dumps One of His Two Girlfriends


Blueface has gone polygamous. Visit for more information It was all good just a week ago. The California rapper recently got matching tattoos with both of his boo thangs, but a lot has changed since then. Earlier yesterday, he stopped by The Breakfast Club morning show and when asked about his girlfriends, Blueface said it was […]

Blueface Set for Jury Trial in August


Blueface will face a jury trial in August in connection to his charges of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Visit for more information Back in November of 2018, Blueface was detained after an incident in California with gunfire exchanged between two vehicles resulted in the car carrying the rapper hitting a divider. […]

Blueface Buys Million Dollar House at Age 22

BluefaceEarnsFirstTopChart TopperWith'ThotianaRemix'

Blueface has purchased his first home at the age of 22. The “Bleed It” rapper made a post on Instagram that he made a big purchase by standing in front of his two-door garage home in California. His Instagram post states “I’m 22 bought my first house biggest 1 ona blocc million dollar homeowner it ain’t […]

Blueface Earns First Top 20 Chart-Topper With ‘Thotiana Remix’

BluefaceEarnsFirstTopChart TopperWith'ThotianaRemix'

Blueface’s “Thotiana (Remix)” featuring YG climbed 8 spots to the No. 20 spot on Billboard charts. Visit for more information This achievement brings the California rapper’s career to remarkable newer heights. About four weeks ago, the single was sitting at No. 75 and about a couple months before that, no one even knew who Blueface […]

Blueface Arrested in Los Angeles for Gun Possession

Blueface Arrested in Los Angeles for Gun Possession

Just as his star is rising, Blueface now faces legal trouble. TMZ reports the rapper was arrested in Los Angeles on Friday (Feb 1) for gun possession. Visit for more information LAPD was tipped off to Blueface’s location after receiving information on the location of rappers wearing jewelry and showing a lot of money, […]