Cardi B Says She is Ready to Write a Book

Rapper Cardi B has announced that she is ready to document her life experience in the form of a book. Sunday night the New York rapper took to Instagram Live to give her opinion on people who try to shame her because of her past. “Everybody always trying to make excuses for me. Always everything. […]

Jada Pinkett Smith Recommends a Book for Women in Desperate Times

Jada Pinkett Smith Recommends a Book for Women in Desperate Times

Jada Pinkett Smith is just beyond amazing. She influences so many worldwide with her words of encouragement when it comes to family, friends, relationships, and fitness. Her advice is so valuable to the masses as so continues spreading positivity. Yesterday, she posted up on Instagram with a beautiful message while on a Stairmaster, flaunting her […]

Rajon Rondo Shades Ray Allen for Mentioning Him in New Book

Rajon Rondo is unhappy with being mentioned in Ray Allen‘s new book, From the Outside: My Journey Through Life and the Game I Love. In an excerpt from the book, Allen recalls Rondo telling Boston’s big three that he led them to that NBA Championship in 2008. He also mentions how Rondo was supposed to […]

‘True to the Game’ is a Must-See

True to the Game is a movie based on the novel with the same name by author Teri Woods. This novel was one of the most talked about books back when African-American street novels first became popular. Woods changed the publishing game forever for fiction novels after True to the Game sold over 2 million […]

Naomi Campbell Reveals Why She’s Never Become A Victoria’s Secret Angel

Naomi Campbell has established herself as one of the most notable supermodels in the fashion industry. Recruited at the age of 15, Campbell has an estimated net worth of $45 million. To expand her brand even further, over the years Campbell has released a studio album and has appeared in several films, as well as […]

Russell Simmons: “I Wish There Was A Third Term For President Obama”

Entrepreneur, mogul and author Russell Simmons took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with Facebook fans today [Tuesday, January 11] about his new book, Happy Vegan. “Changing your diet will change your life,” Simmons said, “You’ll live longer and be happier.” Uncle Russ also shared his motivation for releasing the book and why […]