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Is Meek Mill’s New Film ‘Charm City’ This Generation’s ‘Boyz N The Hood?’

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Shout out to John Singelton. Visit for more information In 1991, his epic film Boyz N The Hood came out to an audience desirous of seeing themselves in cinema. No… seeing ourselves really. Not with the costume of ‘hippity-to-the-hip-hop’ caricature stuff that made big white studios feel like they were snapshotting us when they […]

Ice Cube Explains How John Singleton Casted Him for ‘Boyz ‘N The Hood’

Ice Cube Explains How John Singleton Casted Him for 'Boyz 'N The Hood'

John Singleton sadly left us in April, but his legacy will live on forever through his classic movies and television shows. Visit for more information One of the late director’s timeless flicks is Boyz N The Hood starring Ice Cube, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Morris Chestnut. Cube appeared on The Late Show with Stephen […]

John Singleton in a Coma After Suffering Major Stroke

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Film director, John Singleton is in a coma after suffering from a major stoke, now his family is in the process of appointing a conservatorship to speak on his behalf. Visit for more information According to legal documents obtained by TMZ,  John’s mom, Shelia Ward, is asking a judge to appoint her temporary conservator […]

10 Most Stylish Film Characters Played By Rappers

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We love seeing our favorite rappers take a turn to Hollywood. Visit for more information Giving MCs another notch on their belts to brag about on wax, acting can sometimes take a Hip-Hop star all the way to the Oscars — what’s good, Common! — or solidify a career that carries them years beyond […]

#NationalScreenwritersDay Let’s Celebrate the Writers of 15 Hip-Hop Movies We Love


Today, January 5, marks the 2nd annual celebration of National Screenwriter’s Day. Visit for more information National Screenwriter’s Day recognizes the tremendous talent and efforts of the writers behind the big screen films we love and cherish. According to Hal Croasnum, creator of National Screenwriter’s Day and President of ScreenwritingU, the holiday tackles more […]

On The Rise: Foe Hun’ed x Cruch Calhoun Releases Video For “BNTH” Intro


Visit for more information When you’re talking about the New Jersey hip-hop scene two names are always debatable at Number 1 & 2, Foe Hun’ed & Cruch Calhoun. these two juggernauts decided to put that all to an end with a collaborative project titled “Boyz N The Hood” From start to finish these two […]

Distortedd Releases a Trippy ‘Menace II Society’ Themed Collection


“..and a double burger with cheese.” Visit for more information The 90’s saw a wellspring of what is regularly and affectionately classified as “hood films”. These classic movies such as Boyz N The Hood, South Central and Juice have maintained relevancy throughout the years for the many quotables and iconic scenes from them. Inspired by 1993’s Menace II […]