Netflix’s ‘Bright’ Draws 11 Million Viewers in Three Days


Nielsen released the ratings for Netflix’s original, high-budget flick starring Will Smith, Bright, and the numbers are outstanding. Visit for more information The sci-fi action film drew 11 million viewers in the course of three days. Bright appealed more to a younger audience, drawing 3.9 million viewers ages 18-34 and 7 million in 18-49. This number […]

Top 5 Shows, Movies to Netflix and Chill on New Year’s Eve


If you’re not looking to bring in the New Year in the club or at a party, maybe a night in with Neflix could be an option. Netflix has a ton of content to check out, but we have narrowed down the top five things to check out before or after the ball drops. Visit […]

Chance The Rapper Feels Like Netflix’s ‘Bright’ Didn’t Accurately Represent Racism in America

Chance The Rapper Feels Like Netflix's 'Bright' Didn't Accurately Represent Racism in America

Netflix’s latest high budget film starring Will Smith, Bright, got pretty decent reviews. But, Chance The Rapper had a less-than-flattering review for the movie. Visit for more information He said his issues with the film is that he feels “cheated” when movies use allegoric racism. He argued that the portrayal of America’s racism in […]

Will Smith’s Big Budget Sci-fi Action Flick Gives Netflix a Bright Future

WillSmith'sBigBudgetSci fiActionFlick'BRIGHT'SkipsTheatres,comestoNETFLIX

Words by Nick Slay Visit for more information We’ve all been there before. The movie night routine. Make it to the theatre on time, hopefully it’s a nice one that allows you to pick your seat (hopefully that didn’t just get a bed bug report on yelp). Next over pay for salty popcorn or […]

Netflix is Trying to Buy An Original Film Starring Will Smith

Will Smith

Netflix has made many efforts to be the head honcho of streaming services. First they started with their original programming series like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Then they paired with Marvel to bring us a number of live-action series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. This gave the streaming service a leading edge because who […]