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Brittni Mealy Accuses Future of Texting Their Son ‘Your Mother Is A H*e’

Future Is Set To Host Haiti Benefit Concert in Miami Labor Day Weekend

Brittni Mealy publicly slammed Future for texting their son Prince inappropriate messages about her. Visit for more information The Unicorn Universe founder posted screenshots of the rapper allegedly texting their son “your mother is a hoe” and advising him to ask his mother to buy him clothes to go back to school. Mealy claims […]

Brittni Mealy Releases New Original ‘Yin-Yang’ Collection Featuring The Clermont Twins


After launching her new fur collection Furgo this past winter in collaboration with Jerrika Karlae, Brittni Mealy has released her new original collection called “Yin-Yang” for her personal brand Unicorn Universe. The new apparel range features none other than the popular Bad Girls Club duo, the Clermont Twins. Visit for more information Shannon and […]

Source Exclusive: Brittni Mealy Talks Collaboration with Jerrika Karlae, Unicorn Universe & Branching Out Into The Tech World


Recently launching her fur collection, Furgo, in collaboration with Jerrika Karlae and coming up on the one year anniversary of Unicorn Universe, Brittni Mealy shares some insight into the life of a thriving entrepreneur who is juggling multiple ventures and building a successful online presence — all while maintaining her Life of Brittni app that […]

Jerrika Karlae and Brittni Mealy Team Up to Release ‘Furgo’ Fur Collection


Jerrika Karlae and Brittni Mealy unveiled their new fur collection brand Furgo. Using a play on words, the Virgo duo has joined forces to provide quality fur pieces from fur coats and jackets to fur backpacks and shoes. Visit for more information Both ladies have used their influence to create their own brands individually […]