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Is Meek Mill’s BET Performance a Preview of the Future of His Music?

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Meek Mill kept the promise of being an advocate for criminal justice and prison reform by highlighting issues during his thought-provoking performance on BET. Visit for more information After Meek Mill’s less than a spectacular bout with Drake and a recent run-in with the law, some may have questioned the future of the Philly […]

Brock Turner Has Served Three Months, and He’s Going Home Soon

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On Friday [September 2, 2016], Stanford swimmer-turned convicted rapist Brock Turner will be going home after serving a mere 3 months of prison time, only one-half of an already publically-infuriating six-month sentence. Visit for more information It was in March that Turner was convicted of inexcusably raping an unconscious woman on Stanford University’s campus behind a […]

Two Months After Brock Turner Conviction, Stanford Bans Hard Liquor from Campus


Stanford University is now rolling out an updated policy on its regulations regarding the consumption of alcohol at campus parties, enforcing a ban on hard liquor. Visit for more information Just a couple of month’s after former university swimmer, Brock Turner, was convicted of the sexual assault of an unconscious woman that he blamed […]

Brock Turner Exhibited “Alarming Behavior” With Other Women Before Rape

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Brock Turner, the man convicted of raping an unconscious woman on the Stanford University campus, reportedly had a history of alarming behavior toward women. Visit for more information ABC News reveals court documents show during the same night of the rape, a woman unrelated to Turner’s current case says Turner grabbed and kissed her as […]

Student Group To Stanford Regarding Brock Turner: “The University Can Always Do More”

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In the wake of the disheartening sentencing or lack thereof, of convicted rapist Brock Turner, many calls for action have been made regarding entities involved in the case. Visit for more information Following the conviction of the student-athlete after he sexually assaulted an unconscious woman on the campus of Stanford University last year, many […]