Brown V. Board of Education

150 Years: Exactly How Did the 14th Amendment Help African-Americans?

th Amendment Civil Rights Act

Today, July 28 marks 150 years since the 14th amendment to the constitution was ratified in 1868. For Blacks in America, this motion is groundbreaking towards achieving social equality in North America and overall civil rights history. The 14th Amendment targets and defines citizenship rights and establishes them through due process and equal protection rights. […]

New Jersey Resident Sues State Over Segregated Schools

Christian Estevez NJSpotlight

A New Jersey man filed a lawsuit against the state on Thursday (May 17) in an attempt to force local officials to do away with de-facto segregation in schools. Visit for more information The New York Times reported that Christian Estevez, who is Dominican, filed the lawsuit with the support of community groups, parents […]

Vice President Mike Pence Dragged On Twitter For Linda Brown Tribute


  Visit for more information As the Civil Rights Movement mourned the loss of Linda Brown, Twitter wasn’t here for Mike Pence’s social media tribute. Linda Brown, the young student who was the center of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education passed away March 26th, 2018 at the age of 76. The judgement […]