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Listen Here: We’re Getting Better Episode 008


Eight episodes in on We’re Getting Better with Bryon Summers and each week has brought you gems and lessons for aspiring photographers. Now Summers has introduced a vocabulary segment and started including guest photographers to share their personal advice for success. Visit for more information This week Summers talks to Anthony Blue about how he started snapping shots of […]

Bryon Summers’ “The Hicons Coloring Book” Is Strictly For Adults


Brooklyn-based visual artist Bryon Summers released “The Hicons Coloring Book” in celebration of the lauded pot lover’s holiday, 4/20. Under his latest brand Hicons, derived from the combination of two words, “high” and “icon”, Summers’ mission is to introduce “nostalgic images symbolizing ‘green’ euphoria and childhood imagination…” Visit for more information As a way […]