Capitol Hill Riots

Police Across U.S. Preparing For Violence, Riots On Inauguration Day

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The insurrection known as the Capitol Hill Riots earlier this month that left at least five people dead has been at the forefront of national and international news, with the FBI hot on the trails of any of those known to be involved. Now, police around the nation are getting prepared for potential violence on […]

GA Investment Manager Arrested at Capitol Hill Riots Commits Suicide

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A 53-year-old investment manager who was suspected to have participated in the Trump-powered riots at Capitol Hill was found dead after an apparent suicide. Visit for more information Christopher Stanton Georgia was found dead in his Alpharetta, Georgia home on Saturday, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office. The regional portfolio manager at […]

Trump Faces “Incitement of Insurrection” Charge in Impeachment Resolution From House Democrats

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Yesterday (January 11), Democrats from the House of Representatives formally introduced their impeachment resolution for Donald rump, charging the outgoing POTUS with incitement of insurrection following last week’s riots on Capitol Hill. Visit for more information The House is voting on the resolution this week, which if put in motion, could make him the […]

FBI Releases Photos Of Suspected Capitol Hill Rioters

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The FBI has begun a nationwide manhunt for the participants in the Capitol Hill insurrection and has released photos of the suspects in hopes of uncovering their whereabouts. Visit for more information Several pictures have been made public on social media, however, the Bureau made a new wanted poster with 10 of the suspects […]

White House Staffers Resign Amid Capitol Hill Riot

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According to several confirmed reports, the first lady’s chief of staff and White House deputy press secretary have both stepped down amid the Capitol Hill riots that took place on Wednesday. In addition to those two positions, two other White House staffers are considering resigning over yesterday’s insurrection. Visit for more information Stephanie Grisham, […]