Casanova racketeering case

Casanova Pleads Guilty to Drug and Racketeering Charges

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According to several confirmed reports, Brooklyn rapper Caswell “Casanova” Senior pleaded guilty to drug and racketeering charges today in a Brooklyn federal court. Senior confessed to several crimes as prosecutors claimed he was the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation Bloods gang leader. Visit for more information Senior surrendered to the FBI at the end of […]

Casanova Says He’s Been In Solitary Confinement For A Month

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Brooklyn rapper and accused gang member Casanova 2x has been in federal custody since December 2020 on drug and racketeering charges and has been very vocal about his lack of support from his friends in and out of the industry. Visit for more information Just this past week, Casanova, whose real name is Caswell […]

Casanova On Jay-Z’s Help In His RICO Case: “He Did Enough Already”

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Accused Brooklyn rapper Casanova 2X has been fighting an attempted murder in his RICO case since November and says that Hov has done more than enough to help him with his case. Visit for more information Cas jumped on Twitter last night (January 11) to tell his fans to stop asking him to get […]

Feds Unveil Evidence Against Casanova’s Co-Defendant To Deny Bail

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According to an exclusive report from VladTV, federal prosecutors continue to attempt to keep all of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation members behind bars as they reveal more details about the feds claim is the leader of the alleged gang. Visit for more information Pictures of handguns with extended clips that were allegedly owned […]