Cassidy vs Freeway Rap Battle Rematch Set for 2022

Cassidy vs Freeway Drake Til Death Do Us Part

First and foremost, battle rap is on the verge of obtaining the regard it deserves when it comes to surface-level exposure. On Saturday, October 30, battle rap history was made as a stacked card featuring twelve of battle rap culture’s most voluminous contenders sparred for Drake’s “Til Death Do Us Part” event. The “Way 2 […]

Cassidy Drops “Perjury” Diss For Tory Lanez

Cassidy perjury

Cassidy is not letting up when it comes to Tory Lanez.  Visit for more information Over the weekend, Cass dropped a new diss track titled, “Perjury,” where he takes shots at Tory’s felony assault charge involving Megan Thee Stallion, alleged unoriginality, male pattern baldness and more.  The discourse between the two rhymers kicked off […]

Tory Lanez Calls Cassidy One of His Favorite Rappers

Tory Lanez Cassidy

After Tory Lanez delivered a firery freestyle on Funkmaster Flex, Cassidy didn’t waste any time accusing the Canadian rapper of biting his style.  And the Canadian rapper didn’t waste any time responding.  Visit for more information Tory snapped in the booth with his freestyle. While he spit a plethora of punchlines, Lanez also seemingly […]

[WATCH] Cassidy Accuses Tory Lanez Of Stealing His Flows

Screen Shot 2021 07 22 at 8.33.56 AM

Tory Lanez recently visited HOT 97 and dropped a five-minute freestyle over Cassidy’s “I’m A Hustla” beat, but it didn’t take long before Cassidy noticed that the guy accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion sounds just like him. Visit for more information Cas took to IG last night to compare Lanez’s raps with his […]

Cassidy 5001 and 2: Rapper Booed In Hometown, But Is This The End?

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Cassidy should no longer boast that he is undefeated. He should boast that he is a pioneer in popularizing battle rap. (That bar against Goodz last spring about these guys getting popular cause of battle rap, but he made battle rap popular was just fire). He should boast about his successful five or six years […]

Smackdown vs Lock Down: Is URL Hip-Hop’s Version of Wrestling Giant, WWE?


You had to see it!!!! Visit for more information This weekend started out with a bang as the WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown debuted on Fox last night and fans were not let down. The franchise did more than just entertain fans, thirsty for a rough and rumble contest, but made history. This event was […]

BREAKING!!!! The Long Awaited SMACK Battle Rap Experience in Philly, Cassidy Vs. Arsonal Headline ‘Lock Down’


Hold your cheesesteaks! Hold your motherflubbing cheesesteaks! For the first time in the history of the league, SMACK URL will host their first battle rap experience in Philadelphia, PA on the Lock Down card on October 6th. The announcement was made exclusively on the SMACK URL app. Visit for more information Emceeing and Philly […]

Who Really Is Thanos? How Tay Roc Snatches The Glove From The Old Head Cassidy

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When Cassidy lost to Goodz (clearly), he went on a rampage… working hard to convince the rest of the Hip-Hop community that his perfect battle record remained unchallenged. Visit for more information He tried it. And he tried it in the most incredible way. He produced a song called “5002-0,” basically blasting Goodz and […]

Cassidy Throws Shots At Tsu Surf… But Does He Really Want That Smoke

The Rap Community Reacts To Tsu Surf Being Shot

Battle rap legend Cassidy still contends that he is undefeated in lyrical match-ups. Maintaining that he was victorious against GMB Colonel Goodz, he has set his eyes on another popular URL vet. While people have been pushing him towards Rum Nitty, the “Hotel” emcee seems to be throwing shots at Tsu Surf on his latest […]

Five Rap Battles Announced That We’re Looking Forward to in 2019


On paper, the rap battle lineups are exceptional. Just judging off the battles that have already been announced, leagues are looking to the culture of battle rap to the next level. Let’s take a quick look at five of the top battles that have caught our eyes this year. Visit for more information Loaded […]

Cassidy Returns To Battle Rap Vs. Goodz on SMACK/URLTV

Cassidy perjury

Platinum-selling, number 1 charting Philadelphia legend Cassidy makes his long-awaited return to battle rap, this time debuting on the SMACK/URL stage vs. Bronx legend Goodz. This will be Cassidy’s first battle since his controversial encounter with Los Angeles- based battler Dizaster four years ago at the FilmOn.TV’s “Ether” event in LA, with consensus giving that […]

Cassidy Confirms Official Return to Battle Rap in 2019 with URL

Cassidy perjury

Well, #BARSISBACK. At this point of his rap career, Cassidy is staunch on strictly feeding the mouths of lyricist lovers and he is taking a route rap fans to favor his presence, the battle rap arena. Visit for more information This past weekend, founder of the Ultimate Rap League, Smack White made an official […]

Cassidy Arrested for Possession of Marijuana and Outstanding Warrants

Cassidy Arrested for Possession of Marijuana and Outstanding Warrants

Cassidy was busted chilling in a parked van on Sunday afternoon in Jersey City when officers got a smell of a strong marijuana odor. Visit for more information Law enforcement say they caught the Philly emcee with a blunt in clear view on the dash board. A weed grinder and baggie was also found […]