Omarion Goes on Dr. Phil To Tell Fan That They Are Not Engaged

Omarion Goes on Dr. Phil to Tell Fan that they are Not Engaged

There’s catfishing….and then there’s celebrity catfishing. A woman named Rachel wrote to Dr. Phil, begging her to intervene in a situation with her friend Simone, who believed that she was engaged to R&B singer Omarion. Visit for more information Rachel first provided Dr. Phil with some background information about the situation. She said that […]

Former NBA Star Ray Allen Caught In Catfishing Scheme By “Troubled” Man


Former NBA shooting guard, and very married, Ray Allen is out here wilding. Apparently ole Ray Allen got himself caught up in a damn catfishing scheme, and now he’s fighting to keep all his dirty laundry off the internet. Visit for more information In legal documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Allen was reportedly catfished […]