Charles Barkley Self Quarantines After Feeling Ill, Waiting for Test Results

According to several confirmed reports, NBA Hall Of Famer and game commentator Charles Barkley is quarantining himself after taking ill and is currently waiting on the results of the coronavirus COViD-19 test.... Read Article

Charles Barkley Has Some Strong Words For Vice President Pence

Charles Barkley issued a strong response to Vice President Mike Pence. Earlier on Thursday, Pence weighed in on the NBA’s Hong Kong-China controversy. Pence said the NBA sided with the Chinese government by ... Read Article
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Charles Barkley Makes Live On Air Jokes of the Jussie Smollett Situation

Charles Barkley had jokes on the Jussie Smollett situation during a segment on TNT Thursday night. During halftime of the Los Angeles Lakers-Houston Rockets game, the TNT crew was talking about some of their... Read Article